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Special Appointments

To contact any of the executive, go to "Executive" contacts page and click on their email link.


Commodore: Simon Huddy
Past Commodore: Peter Howells
Vice Commodore: Ryan Laudien
Rear Commodore: Bob Delaney
Fleet Captain: Neal Berger
Treasurer: James Watson
Secretary: Sandra Dutton
Staff Captains: Doug Herchmer & Joanne McIlveen


Social Director: Jo Graham
Communications Director: Kathy Swangard
Director At Large: Chris Jobb


By-Law Committee: Ryan Laudien, Gary Davis, Ron Davis,Pam May-Straka, Brian Steane     
Environmental Committee :  Bruce Perry & Volunteers
Honorary Life Membership Committee: Peter Howells (chair), Ron Davis, Brian Steane
Reciprocal Committee:  Alan Sinclair & Volunteers
Yearbook Committee: Ann Barber (editor), Scott Brown (advertising), Kathy Swangard


Council of BC Yacht Club Delegates: Bob Delaney, Michael Swangard
Fairwinds Development Committee Current Commodore, Vice Commodore & Past Commodore
Membership Chairperson Ryan Laudien
Sunshine Bonnie Curl
Web Master/Web Administrator Claudia Hand
Club Photographers: Ad Hoc, Volunteers
Historian Webmaster/Web Administrator
Ladies' & Gents' Luncheons Andrea Vallis & Chris Jobb
Afterdeck Bob Delaney, Charline Sinclair & Volunteers


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1975-76 Brian Anthony 2000-01 Paul Norris
1976-77 Mike Trumper 2001-02 Paul Norris
1977-78 Maarten Prinsze 2002-03 Jim Castle
1978-79 Bill Wacey 2003-04 Tom Duncan
1979-80 Bill Wacey 2004-05 Rick Picard
1980-81 Pat LaGrandeur 2005-06 Ken Woodward
1981-82 Len Mustard 2006-07 Sylvia St. Denis
1982-83 Fred Kearney 2007-08 Bonnie Curl
1983-84 Ana Brune 2008-09 Brian Steane
1984-85 Tom Haynes 2009-10 DiAnne Hill
1985-86 Ewan Cameron 2010-11 Ron Davis
1986-87 Hereward Allix 2011-12 Ron Davis
1987-88 Joe Skipsey 2012-13 Joe Straka
1988-89 Joe Dennison 2013-14 Karen Herage
1989-90 Maggi Slassor 2014-15 Pam May-Straka
1990-91 Herb Welch 2015-16 John Curran, QC
1991-92 Lou Boulanger 2016-17 Peter Howells
1992-93 Bruce Berry    
1993-94 Marian Heiman    
1994-95 George Hickson    
1995-96 Laurie Christensen    
1996-97 Bob Sanders    
1997-98 Bob Sanders    
1998-99 Ed Estlin    
1999-00 Heinz Timmann