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Crocodiles, Snakes and Wives


By Jim Mendria

Life on a sailboat while cruising Belize can be a simple or complicated business. 

We share the waters and boat with many other creatures. While up the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala there is a good chance you may get pooped on by the 4-5 foot long Iguanas that seek food and heat in the trees. Then there are the ever present ants of varying size and biting ability. We had just made it down the river last year and were relaxing in the cockpit when my wife screams “ANTS”! I look around to see a troop of ants, there were hundreds of them, exiting the dinghy where they apparently had a nest and now were headed to the security of the mother ship. A quick shot of Raid killed what we thought was a majority but as it turned out a minority. The rest of the year we battled with their will to survive.

We rented a car to see some of the beautiful land portion of Belize. After returning to Emerald Seas, we unpacked our day bag and a little lizard jumped out and made himself at home. We fed him (her?) some flies but did not feel we were able to give him the love and comfort that he was looking for. So after a week or so we dropped a mosquito net over him and released him back to the jungle.

Crocodiles (No Alligators in Belize) are around but you seldom see them. They lay just under the water or asleep on the bottom. You can hear the young ones barking to their moms for attention at night. The noise is similar to a dog barking but rougher sounding. While anchored in Sapodilla Lagoon, awaiting the passage of a frontal system, we went exploring Cabbage Haul Creek with three of us in our dinghy. The creek narrowed to about six feet wide and was very shallow. We stopped, thinking this was far enough, when suddenly the dinghy reared up and tipped to starboard nearly tossing us out. It seemed we had stopped on top of a Crocodile, who did not like being squashed. Like I said, hard to see Crocodiles.

Snakes are an enduring topic. Everyone, especially ladies, love snakes. Most of the snakes here are boa constrictor type. They like to squeeze you to death, but we’re pretty big so the chance of that happening to us is pretty slim. The others are big and bad. There is a rule and rhyme to keep us safe… Yellow and Black won’t hurt Jack, but, Black and Yellow can kill a fellow. Sounds simple until you ask yourself is a zebra black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Snakes like to swim and are known to swim to a boat and slither up the anchor chain and into your boat. One of the cruisers came back to their boat at night and asked their guest to please tie the dinghy to the transom cleat. She was attempting to follow the figure of eight knot already on the cleat when she realized that it was not a rope but a snake! Another cruiser stepped into her shower only to discover there was a naked constrictor already using the shower. She quickly slammed the door from the outside, her husband duck taped it shut and contacted a local kid who likes snakes. He came aboard the next day, picked up the snake and took it home.

Now we get to the topic of Wives, those conniving creatures that live with us. We keep our snorkeling gear in a shallow hatch in the cockpit. As we were getting ready for our first snorkel of the season I opened the hatch, grabbed onto a pair of fins. Suddenly I saw a green snake coiled and ready to strike! Quickly I went over the rhyme in my head. No black or yellow, my name was not Jack and the snake was not moving. Sleeping? No. My attention was pulled away from the snake to my wife, who was splitting herself with laughter. She had found said plastic snake in Michaels store in Nanaimo months earlier and had been scheming this plot ever since.

At that point I realized that the most dangerous animal out here is my wife!

This is what cruising life is like.

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Racing Clinic 2019


UK Sailmakers Pre-Season Racing Clinic

For Mid-Island Yacht Clubs

March 9-10, 2019

In conjunction with Schooner Cove Yacht Club, Nanaimo Yacht Club, Deep Bay Yacht Club, Ladysmith Yacht Club and Maple Bay Yacht Club, Stuart Dahlgren of UK Sailmakers will deliver a Racing Clinic for mid-island yacht club racers in Nanaimo, March 9-10, 2019. Participants will be racing skippers and crew members from central Vancouver Island yacht clubs. The Clinic will include:

  • Saturday March 9, commencing at 1300 at Nanaimo Yacht Club
    • Presentation and discussion to explain Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020
    • A meat chili dinner with a vegetarian option will be included; the NYC Club Bar will be open during dinner and in the evening
    • Informal discussion with Q&A during the evening
  • Sunday March 10, commencing with a Skippers Meeting at 0900 at Nanaimo Yacht Club
    • On the water practice of starts and mark roundings, observed by Stuart Dahlgren on the water and by drone
    • Debrief discussion and analysis using videos from Stuart’s drone.

Participants are expected to bring boats for the “On the water” practice of starts and mark roundings if possible. Boats will be moored at NYC. In the event that weather prevents boats from MBYC, LMS, DBYC and/or SCYC being delivered to Nanaimo but local conditions in Nanaimo are OK to sail, participants from those clubs will be accommodated on NYC boats as far as possible.

Participants are expected to bring a copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 and their own paper and pen for taking notes. Copies of the RRS 2017-2020 will be available at NYC for participants requesting one in advance with their registration.

Registration is required by March 1, 2019. The price for this event is $20.00 per participant, which includes the Saturday evening meal. Payment for participation, plus RRS Rule Book if required, must be made online as instructed in the registration form. TO REGISTER CLICK HERE

Early Bird Draw: UK Sailmakers has generously provided a UK Sailmakers Duffel Bag for the skipper of a boat randomly selected from among those boats registered by February 15, 2019.


Check out the Education area on the UK Sailmakers website! http://www.uksailmakers.com/search?q=education

For further information please contact Richard Hudson on behalf of SCYC at


The Commodore's Ball this year was an intimate, elegant affair. As members entered the Fairwind's Arbutus Room, they were warmly welcomed into the transformed venue. The decorating team, consisting of Linda H, Anne T, Sheila G, Marion C, Sandra D, Andy V and Jo G, used a silver and white theme with Marion's handmade white starfish climbing up the inside of the glass table vases. The overall effect was simple and sophisticated.

Everyone enjoyed being greeted with a frosty glass of champagne or beer and a photo opt with Wally C. One former Commodore's Ball, photos taken from the previous year were mounted on the walls for attendees to view and take home at the end of the night. (This article writer was somewhat relieved that they hadn't done that this year, as Commodore Ryan and his wife arrived attired in the exact same dress-up clothes as the year before.... What a faux-pas that would have been!)

Even with the smaller number of attendees this year, there was an anticipatory buzz in the room during the pre-dinner cocktail hour. After all, the COMMODORE'S BALL is the SCYC'S SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR.

Our dashing tuxedo-clad MC'S (TOM and JERRY...oops- I mean John and Gerry) welcomed everyone to their assigned dinner tables. John Vallis and Gerry Thompson were outstanding in their role, leading us through the program with humour as they contended with their unreliable mike cutting in and out. Not only were they entertaining, but they were also gracious to take on this commitment for a second time. Our special guests were introduced to the SCYC members: Commodore Mike, and wife Tina G, from Nanaimo Yacht Club and Vice Commodore Tom, and wife Heather M, from Maple Bay Yacht Club.




Our lovely Bonnie C said Grace, after fiddling with the unreliable mike, to no avail! (It's a good thing that our SCYC members have strong vocal projection, as that mike just wasn't cooperating.) A delicious dinner was served by the Fairwind's Restaurant Staff created by Chef Shawn and served by Elizabeth and Joanne.











Once the dessert and coffee was delivered, the program for the evening got underway. Past Commodore Simon H officially acknowledged SCYC’s incoming Commodore, Ryan L. The coveted 'Commodore's Cap' (donated by Bonnie Curl) and ceremonial burgee were passed on to Ryan.              

Past Commodore Simon H was called upon to present the enormous Si Wood Trophy for 2018 to a member who had taken on the leadership role of organizing the Wednesday night races. Wally C was recognized for creating a culture of light-hearted fun that includes all types of sailors, regardless of their experience with racing. Wally put a lot of time and effort, with quiet efficiency, to increase the participation level in this relaxed racing venue. Thank you Wally for making this happen! (Did anyone catch him taking a celebratory drink from his OVER-SIZED GOBLET? -just curious...)

Jim Dcalled  Past Commodore Simon H up to receive a token of appreciation from the club for his dedication to the role of Commodore. And of course, everyone knows that behind every good Commodore is an amazing woman. (Right? We ALL know this, don't we?). Sandra D thanked Jane H for supporting her man and our club with her engaged active involvement throughout the year.





 2019's Commodore was called upon to introduce the New Executive. Those of you attending the gala will know that Ryan continues to be baffled over how he ended up in this exec position. (And he's still plotting his revenge on John C.) Seriously though, Ryan is proud to be taking on this leadership role in our club. His words were, "If I were Donald Trump, I would look around and say that 'This is the LARGEST CROWD EVER to attend a Commodore's Ball!...." However, he would not have to say, 'LET'S MAKE SCYC GREAT AGAIN!' ... because it simply is GREAT!" Ryan introduced the new executive, speaking personally to each one that was present and had served on the executive last year:

Commodore- Ryan Laudien
Vice Commodore- Bob Delaney
Past Commodore- Simon Huddy
Secretary- Kathy Swangard
Treasurer- James Watson
Rear Commodore- Doug Hershmer
Fleet Captain-Dean Dreger
Staff Captain- Janette & Scott Brown
Social Director- Jo Graham
Communications Director- Linda Watson
Director at Large- Pat Terfloth
And then it was on to more serious matters... THE DREADED MEMA AWARD! (Most Embarrassing Moment Award for those newer members who probably haven't had the pleasure of being nominated yet...) It must have been a fairly calm year lacking any major craziness, but three people were "ratted out", nonetheless, by friends. Ron D had to nominate Joe Sfor his famous "SKIPSEY SLIPSEY KNOT" that occurred at the start line of the 2018 BMW Lasqueti Island Regatta. The Start Crew were all set up, ready to begin the race when some confusion was noticed at the START LINE. Apparently, a knot tying the start line buoy to an anchor got loose. As Joe put it, "I thought I ought to test the knot, but I forgot and it held NOT." We all loved reliving that story!
Brian S was the next one up to make a nomination. He nominated Doug H for his crabbing skills (or lack of) during the club cruise in Lagoon Cove. Apparently, Doug took out his partner Joanne's favourite crab trap to set. Unfortunately, the line got caught in the prop and when he cut the line to untangle it from the prop, the entire trap sunk to the bottom of Shoal Bay. Joanne put on her wet suit and tried to save her beloved trap, but it had sunk too deeply. Let's just say that fellow sailing buddies overheard a bit of "CRABBY TALK" between Joanne (the exceptional fisherwoman) and her Doug (the not-so exceptional fisherman).
And John V felt compelled to nominate Ryan L over a conversation that was held at one of the Gentlemen's Luncheons last spring. Apparently, the guys were chatting about the first cruises they had taken for the season up to Desolation Sound and the Broughtons, when Ryan announced that he had taken an epic voyage recently, as well. Yep, he had started his motor in Stone's Marina and dropped his anchor in Mark's Bay for a couple of nights. This was his idea of a spring shake-down cruise. Impressive, right? You now see why this article writer must continue producing her Prairie Girl Learns to Sail blog series...
Well, the winner of the coveted MEMA AWARD for 2018 went to Doug H. And he wasn't just the recipient of the plaque with his name engraved, he was presented with a fool proof crab trap and line. (Notice the little crab sitting in this unique trap contraption.)
The evening ended with further socializing and dancing, thanks to Andy's Oceanside DJ Music. Some couples were up and enjoying the dancing. And, of course, there were some women sharing a man with whom to dance... thank you Len and Yvonne!
Upon reflection, due to the smaller numbers this year, the Ball felt somewhat like an elegant dinner party. (And as one often encounters at dinner parties in Nanoose Bay, as the night wore on the men eventually gravitated to one end of the room and the women socialized on the other. What's that all about?)
Once again, Jo G(our talented Social Director) and Linda H (event planner extraordinaire) and their team, put on a lovely event, providing our members with another special memory.



Photographs by: Wally C, Cathy C, and Linda H
Article written by Mary Laudien


(For getting the scoop on your new Commodore's sailing adventures... go to Mary's Prairie Girl Learns to Sail Blog Posts at http://www.marylaudien.com   Mary gurarantees you will enjoy a few laughs, as some of them have been published in Pacific Yachting Magazine  on the COCKPIT CONFESSION page.)

2018 Fleet Regatta



As the largest crowd “PERIOD!” in the long history of SCYC’s Fleet Race did not gather on the shore to cheer on the mighty racing/cruising fleet, the Race Officer did not start the clock. No one timed their yacht’s approach. No boats jockeyed for the best start. No committee boat crew sounded the starting signals. No flags were hoisted. As a result, no racers trimmed for speed and none settled in for the beat upwind to mark one. No crew was in the groove.

At the windward mark, no “Starboard” hail was heard as the leaders did not fight for the honour of first round the mark. No spinnakers were hoisted. No boats increased nor lost their lead.

No cheer went up as no boats crossed the line….but all boats still beat Spud!

Race postponed. Information re: 2nd attempt to follow.
Note: On race day, it was 29 knots at Ballenas….. good call Peter J.


Hanginwith great folk
Watchin' the rain soak
All of those golfers stuck in the rough.
Strummin' their six string, the band made our hips swing,
Dressed up as Jimmy - Life here’s not tough. 
Wasted away again in Margaritaville (Parksville?),
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that the weathers to blame,
But I know, it’s nobody's fault.

The post non-race party at Fairwinds was ON! A cancelled race did not mean a cancelled party. While the SE winds roiled Georgia Strait and the rain washed away the residue of this summer’s smokey days, the SCYC crew were warm and dry in the Fairwinds Bar and Grill. The “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” theme had many Hawaiian shirt-clad, Jimmy Buffet wannabes swaying and singing along with the live band. Crispy chicken wings, mountains of potstickers and a platter of healthy stuff helped soak up the complimentary free drink(s).

Although stories of heroic deeds on the high seas were absent, there was exciting news of boats recently bought and/or sold ... not Fake News! The Department of Gossip (DOG) is actively seeking details ;>)

Big hugs and a most sincere “Well done!” to Jo Graham and to the always-happy-to-help-‘ers, Wally & Marion Clark and John & Andy Vallis who decorated the entrance, staffed the sign-in table and even took some incriminating photos.

The party in the ballroom next door was loud and boisterous but ours was better: good friends, good food and good fun; who could ask for anything more?

Even without cheeseburgers, we live in paradise.                                                                                    

With apologies,    


PS The “Lost Shaker of Salt” remains at large….


SCYC has an incredible skill base to draw from to organize and pull off a successful and spirited regatta weekend. The BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA is a favourite amongst racers from as far away as the Mainland, Campbell River, Sidney and Victoria. 31 boats were registered this year with one having to withdraw due to damages incurred the week before the event. Club members felt so badly when they heard that ARIYAS would not be racing, after all. The comments and kudos from the returning and new racers throughout the weekend, was a tribute to the reputation SCYC has for hosting the BEST Regatta in the VIRS series.

The week leading up to the Regatta was spent with constant tracking of the weather forecast, as SCYC organizers prepared to host the event, regardless of the conditions (rain, snow, sleet, sunshine..).Oh please Sun Gods, make that happen! And perhaps just add a strong wind for Saturday's Race, as well! It kept the entire club talking and anticipating what this year's weather conditions would be. Friday afternoon didn't bode well, as the rain started to fall. But no one gave up hope that the clouds would part and the sun would shine down on the barbecue. (Well, it might have appeared for a brief five minutes in the late afternoon, but at least it didn't rain.) No one seemed concerned or fussed about the cloudy, windy evening. The organizers had anticipated this and provided canopy shelters for their guests to enjoy a burger barbecue on the greens overlooking Schooner Cove. A crowd of SCYC members joined the racers (225 diners in total) for a lovely launch to the Regatta weekend. Live music with the Vance Brothers put everyone in the mood to celebrate the regatta weekend. Breakfast was served both Sat. and Sun. mornings and chili with cornbread was waiting for the hungry racers when they returned Saturday evening.


The Sun Gods were listening and the weather turned out perfect for yet another awesome Regatta weekend. Rumour has it that there may have been one small glitch at the beginning of the race when a certain SCYC sailor tied one of the starting line buoys and it freed itself. (Brian Steane was dispatched to pick it up.) It is now called the SKIPSEY SLIPSEY KNOT!

Another great story belongs to Claudia Hand. She was looking forward to crewing on ARIYAS, but when they had to pull out of the Regatta, she put her name forward to crew with anyone who may be short a crew member. She was called on Saturday morning while walking her dog. Claudia made a dash down to the dock with all her sailing gear in tow, ready to hop on the boat. Just as she reached the dock, she spotted Amazing Grace disappearing behind the breakwater. Members tried alerting Amazing Grace on the radio that they had left Claudia on the dock, but to no avail... Luckily for her, James Robinson (in an inflatable chase boat) came to her rescue. They picked her up and literally deposited her onto Amazing Grace, just as they were positioning for the start. It's a good thing Claudia is of small stature; imagine being loaded from the dingy onto the deck of Amazing Grace. She had such a memorable Regatta day and felt fortunate to be part of it. (It didn't hurt winning the 50/50 draw    the night before, either!)  

   As everyone knows, an event such as this, does NOT happen without a village. Some of the key people involved, included:

 PETER MILNE- the overall coordinator/chair of the Regatta Committee and a most conscientious leader who spends months preparing for this event! His detailed leadership style keeps the entire Regatta so successful. (Anne is secretly excited that all of his TO DO LISTS will be put away after months of preparation!)

 John Collins, Tim Rann, and David Christopher- recruited many of the Regatta sponsors and supported the event in countless ways. (The sailors truly enjoyed the complimentary Rum Punch after their race, Tim.)

 BRUCE PETRY- (2017's SI WOOD Memorial Trophy recipient) organized sponsors and gathered the prizes. He continues to be our GO-TO-GUY in the club who helps out on too many fronts to mention.

 WALLY CLARK- organized the Race Committee, found slips for visiting boats and communicated the directions to their berths.

 CHARLINE SINCLAIR - coordinated a team of volunteers, to serve the well-attended barbecue on Friday Night, a breakfast on Saturday morning, a chili dinner on Saturday night, and a final pancake and sausage breakfast on Sunday morning before the Awards Ceremony. This was no small feat for this energetic woman to undertake. Hopefully the sleep deprived, overworked woman is home relaxing after the intense weekend she just finished. You are simply amazing, Charline.

KATHY SWANGARD (SCYC's Communications Director) and CLAUDIA HAND (web administrator) organized the regatta poster, contacted racers on the Island and the Mainland promoting the regatta. They promoted the event through the Scyline, ensuring that all members were involved as much as possible.

JOE SKIPSEY- served as the Principal Race Officer and his Race Committee did an excellent job from start to finish.

RYAN LAUDIEN- handled the bar service and managed his team of volunteers to serve libations with both dinners.

DAVID KRATT, Fairwinds Marina Manager and Staff -supported the SCYC with the hosting of the Regatta.


 Saturday's race enjoyed great winds and the Division 1 winner, actually made it back to Schooner Cove in record time. James Robinson skippering his multihull (PRPR2) crossed the finish line at 14:02, sailing at up to 19 knots! The boats completed the race in record times, and as the sun came out and warmed up in the mid-afternoon, a couple of boats lost the wind altogether and ended up having their chili a little later than their fellow yachtsmen. As the sailors returned to their berths, they all had glowing reports of their day on the water and how ideal the conditions were for the race. After chili, the crews were relaxed and sat out with one another sharing their stories of the latest BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA.




Sunday morning, COMMODORE Simon Huddy addressed the group of spent sailors and SCYC members, thanking our exceptional SCYC volunteers and business sponsors. He then passed the program on to Peter Milne to recognize the skipper/crew draw winners and then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all four divisions. Tickets were drawn for both skippers and crew. Check out the collage to see who the lucky winners were of: jackets and sweaters from Independent Marine, sail bags from Evolution Sails, an inflatable vest from Harbour Chandler, gift bags from BMW, an SOS Buoy from Pacific Net and Twine, stainless steel mugs from Tro Tac, a gift certificate from Black Goose Pub, and a jump starter from LORDCO. What an array of prizes!


Special presentations were made to: Chris Read for registering his boat, AMISKWI, first (March 15th) and to Brian Robinson (FLIGHT) for his tenaciousness as a skipper. Brian's response was, "It was so nice out there on the water, my crew and I couldn't understand why everyone was in such a hurry to make it back to the marina!"  

Neal Berger was called upon to present first, second and third pennants and prizes to the Division Finalists. 3rd place winners received a windbreaker, 2nd place winners won a rugby shirt. And 1st place winners went home with a treasured SCYC jacket.Div. 4 (cruising) Winners:      

3rd - Wally Clark- REGALO                           

2nd - Tim Rann- STARLIGHT EXPRESS                                 

1st - Dick Duffley- PYRA



                                                  Div. 3 Winners:

                                      3rd - Wade Major- KATANA

                                      2nd - Graham Heath- PITORAQ 

                                      1st - Simon Palmer- PRINCESA 







Div. 2 Winners:

3rd - Ron Turner-Blue Shift

2nd - Clint Abbott- NOFLYK

1st - Tim Daniel - Optical Illusion


And finally, the Div. 1 Winners:

3rd - Greg Johnston - SURFRIDER

2nd - Wayne Gorrie - MAIL ORDER BRIDE

1st - James Robinson - PRPR2             



   Vice Commodore Ryan Laudien presented the FAIRWINDS CUP. (The SCYC CUP for BEST PERFORMANCE) to SKIPPER NEAL BERGER of                                    SHINGEBISS.          


Commodore Simon Huddy presented the WINDSOR PLYWOOD CUP to the OVERALL REGATTA WINNER. This went to SKIPPER JAMES ROBINSON of PRPR2.












 Congratulations to all the fine sailors that participated from near and far to make this event the traditional success that everyone expects. Sailors from other clubs took the time to express their appreciation for being hosted during the entire weekend in such a welcoming and exceptional way. And thank you again, Peter for organizing an outstanding Regatta with which SCYC feels proud to be associated. Kudos to you for making this special event happen!


- Article written by Mary Laudien ( Go to http://www.marylaudien.com for Praire Girl Learns to Sail Series )

- Many thanks to photographers Wally Chinn, Joanne McIlveen, Philippe Erdmer, Jim Mendria, Linda Rann, Jim Sinclair and Ron Davis.

- Official Regatta Photographer:  Wally Chinn


It's official... the 2018 boating season had a brilliant opening on Sunday, May 6th. The sun shone down on Schooner Cove and a record number of members arrived on the Afterdeck to attend the Commodores' Procession. Once again, our traditional bagpiper, Josh Dielemon led Commodore, Simon Huddy and Nanoose Power Squadron Commander, Jim Dutton with an impressive entourage of Past Commodores down the boardwalk!

Past Commodore Peter Howells welcomed everyone to the event. Bruce Berry, our personable and entertaining member who always reviewed the Sail Past procedures in a comical way was sorely missed this year. Peter was thrilled to see the crowd of participants filling the Afterdeck and adjoining pier. Commodore Simon Huddy welcomed everyone. Our national anthem was sung (thank you Lou Boulanger for leading the participants) as the Canadian flag was hoisted. Commander Jim Dutton said a few words, mentioning that he refrained from wearing his PORT /STARBOARD socks this year as Commodore Simon wouldn't need these navigational aids to position the stationary vessel. The boat being used this year happened to be Commander Jim's own boat (CARIAD). (Hmmm, maybe it was only Past Commodore Peter that he thought needed the help...) Fleet Captain, Neal Berger, addressed the membership, reviewing the procedures to follow out on the water. He must have been crystal clear, as the picture taken from above the water, showed the boats looking organized.

























The crowd promptly dispersed to their boats to get into formation out on the water, for the Sail Past ritual. What a perfect afternoon with intermittent sun and wind for watching our SCYC captains manoeuvre their vessels into position to salute the Flag Vessel and the Commodore. Several members boarded other's boats and enjoyed the social aspect of the event, making the day all the more memorable!













By 4:00, it was off to Fairwinds for a pre-dinner social mingle on the sunny patio. The decorating theme was Fishing and Social Director, Jo Graham and her TEAM (Andy Vallis, Ann Thompson, Bonnie Curl, Joanne Petry, Jo McIlveen, Mary Laudien) transformed the Fairwinds dining room completely. The lighthouse served as a beacon to draw guests into the dining-room with its burgee-filled ceiling. The navy tablecloths were decorated with tackle and seaweed-laden vases. Authentic fish nets, fishing gear and fishing artefacts created displays throughout the dining room. The members were encouraged to dress in fishing gear to be eligible for competing in the Dress-Up Contest. Let's just say, it was a FISHY NIGHT!

Charline Sinclair and Peter Howells were the talented MCs for the dinner. The duo managed to conduct the entire program narrative punctuated with fish lingo, ensuring that the diners interacted with groans as fish words continued to crop up. Charline drew us in with her childhood fish tales and costuming and Peter was especially proud when he mentioned the past 2 Commodores as one being a lawyer, one (himself) being a banker and the current Commodore being a STURGEON as a picture of this fish came up on the screen. Surgeon and Commodore Simon Huddy loved the clever play on words.


Commodore Simon greeted everyone and praised the membership for their outstanding participation in the Opening Day event. It was lovely to have 9 Past Commodores taking part this year, 18 sailboats and 2 power boats out on the water, and 80 dinner guests registered.

And SCYC'S special Bonnie Curl led us, once again, in saying grace, prior to dining.Vice-Commodore Ryan Laudien toasted our wonderful Commodores and club. And Judy Schlotter put out one last call for Raffle Ticket Sales in her usual flamboyant way. She swears that no member got away from her persuasive hounding!Fairwinds never disappoints and of course SALMON (fish) was on the menu for the buffet dinner. It's a given that the sticky pudding disappears instantaneously and thankfully, the supply is replenished just as quickly. Obviously the pudding is the highlight of the meal for our SCYC members! Thank you to Head Chef Sean Sannes and Head Server Joanne Fortin for preparing and serving our FISH DINNER. And one can't forget to mention the exceptional background dining music provided by Dick Duffley's personal playlist.

Raffle ticket sales by our personable Judy Schlotter helped replenish the SCYC kitty. And the prizes were wonderful donations made by generous individuals and companies. Fairwinds donated 2 - $80. gift certificates and Independent Marine donated 2- $50. gift certificates. The lucky draw winners included: Doug Herchmer, Anne Thompson, Commodore Simon, and Ron Davis. Of course, the most coveted prize of all was the original Bonnie Curl watercolour! Kathy Swangard was thrilled to take her painting home at the end of the night.

And then came the judging of the Dress-Up Contest with Karen Herage making the judgement. 7 finalists were chosen during the dinner by having a pack of FISHERMAN FRIENDS passed out. The finalists included: David and Marie Sanson (the fishing couple), Jannette Brown (fishnet stocking girl), Doug Herchmer and Jo McIlveen (authentic fishing couple - Jo even had fish hook earrings), Alan Sinclair (East Coast Fisherman) and Ryan Laudien (CATCH of the DAY.... Should I perhaps say, MY Catch of the Day?). With many laughs, 3 winners were announced through all the boisterous cheering: Janette Brown, David and Marie Sanson, and Ryan Laudien. And what was the prize, you ask? A colourful decorative FISH, of course!




















As the evening came to a close, the reluctant SCYC members lingered to visit a little longer, discussing cruising plans and boat preparations with one another. The official SCYC Sail Past 2018 became another memorable day filled with high spirits, fun and laughter, great friendships and an eager expectation that the BEST BOATING SEASON YET had just been launched.

This FISH TALE was written by Mary Laudien

Fishy Pictures were taken by Cathy Carey, Donna Howells, and Joanne McIlveen


2017 Racers Awards held on March 4th 2018

The 2017 annual awards ceremony took place on March 4th at the Rocking Horse Pub. Cheeks were rosy and spirits high after a fine day on the water for races 3 and 4 of the 2018 Hot Rum Series. The event was well attended, with 30 Racers and SCYC supporters. The Rocking Horse staff did a very nice job of hosting. 




Fleet Captain Neal Berger presented awards to the winners of the various races or race series held during 2017.









 The Ken Woodward Hot Rum Series was won by Freewind - Richard Hudson, skipper.




The Spring Series was won by Ice Bear - Neal Berger, skipper.

The Bay Race was won by Ice Bear - Neal Berger, skipper

The Fall Colour Series was won by Shingebiss - Neal Berger, skipper.






















The Best Overall was awarded to Ariyas - Andrea Shimmelfennig/Andrew Rycroft, skippers. This vessel had the best score of the boats that raced in all three series per SCYC rules.










The Fleet Captain's Twisted Spike Award was presented to John Collins and the crew of SPUD for general enthuasism and spirit.