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SCYC knows how to organize and pull off a memorable, challenging, and spirited regatta weekend. The BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA (it's new official name, as BMW is now it's presenting sponsor for the event) is a favourite amongst racers from as far away as the Mainland, Campbell River and Victoria. 200 sailors participated over the weekend, making it a lively event! The comments, kudos, and testimonials from the racers on Sunday morning, was a tribute to the reputation SCYC has for hosting the BEST Regatta in the VIRS series.





The racers and SCYC members, launched the weekend with a burger barbeque (halibut, salmon and/or beef) on the greens overlooking Schooner Cove. Live music was supplied by a group of talented local jammers and the festivities set the tone for an incredible regatta weekend. Breakfast was served both Sat. and Sun. mornings and stew was waiting for the hungry racers when they returned Saturday evening.

As everyone knows, an event such as this, does NOT happen without a village. Some of the key people involved, included:

PETER MILNE- the overall coordinator of the Regatta and a most detailed leader! He was thrilled to have 80% of the boats registered early this year!
BRUCE PETRY- found the sponsors and gathered the prizes. He is our GO-TO-GUY in the club who helps out on many fronts- timekeeper and setting up/dismantling, etc.
WALLY CLARK- organized the Race Committee, found slips for visiting boats and communicated the directions to their berths.
CHARLENE SINCLAIR - nicknamed, "FIREBALL" is the member who personalized the event for the visiting sailors, and coordinated a team of 40 volunteers, to serve the barbeque on Friday Night, breakfast on Saturday morning, stew dinner on Saturday night (which ended up being until 1:30 Sun. am... who knew?), and a final breakfast on Sunday morning before the Awards Ceremony.
KATHY SWANGARD- as SCYC's Communications Officer, organized the regatta poster, contacted racers on the Island and the Mainland promoting the regatta. She promoted the event through the Scyline, ensuring that all members were involved as much as possible.
ANDREW RYCROFT- handled the bar service and managed his team of volunteers to serve libations with both dinners.
DAVID KRATT- Fairwinds new manager was helpful in participating in the hosting for the Regatta.


And what of the actual Regatta on Saturday? The boats left Schooner Cove in winds of 5-6 knots. After communicating with the racers the morning after the race, it became apparent (to this unskilled cruiser) that they were elated with the 5-10 knots of fluky, variable winds littering the course with deadly wind holes. As one racer put it, "anyone can sail in 10-15 knots of steady wind, but it takes a seasoned, experienced racer to meet the challenges of the wind conditions of Saturday." The exceptional skills of the following racers: Graham Heath, Bill Allan, Ken Lott, Stuart Dahlgrin, Simon Palmer, Keith Climenhaga, Greg Keel and our own Richard Hudson came out on top. Saturday's conditions were conducive for the serious racers and another great learning opportunity. Throughout the entire Awards Ceremony, one never heard a grumble about the winds and the accolades offered the organizers of our event were nothing but complete satisfaction for an outstanding Regatta from start to finish!                                                                                                                                    

                                         Sunday morning, COMMODORE PETER HOWELLS addressed the group of spent sailors and SCYC members, thanking our
   exceptional volunteers and sponsors.He then passed the program on to PETER MILNE to recognize the skipper/crew draw winners and then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all four divisions.

Diane Jacobson drew tickets for both skippers and crew. Check out the 2017 Regatta Photo Album on our website in the near future for pictures of all our draw winners! Prizes included: sail bags and toiletry kits from Evolution Sails, backpacks and dinghy seat storage systems from Doyle Sales, shirts & short sets from BMW, sail caps from UK Sails, wine and matching cups from Ocean Liquor, and Hoyne Beer caps. Such a wonderful array of prizes!


John Curran was called upon to present first and second pennants and prizes to Div. 4 winners.

(There were only two boats in this division, so everyone was a winner!)

2nd - Wally Clark - REGALO - $100. Gift Certificate from the Rod and Gun Club (Hosts of the monthly SCYC Gentlemen's Lunch)

1st - Dick Duffley - Pyrat- SCYC Jacket       



Charline Sinclair presented the Div. 3 winners (amongst a great deal of hugging...)

3rd - Simon Palmer -PRINCESA- Sail Bag from Evolution Sales

2nd - Richard Hudson - FREEWIND - Digital Battery Tester from Lordco

1st - Graham Heath- PITORAQ- SCYC Jacket


 Bruce Petry presented the Div. 2 winners:

3rd - Keith CLIMENHAGA -DILLIGAF- Power Wash Certificate at Stones Marina, Nanaimo

2nd - Ken Lott - SEA LION - Sail Bag from Evolution Sales

1st - Richard Simpson - RUN AWAY GIRL - SCYC Jacket



And finally, Wally Clark presented awards to the Div. 1 winners:

3rd - Greg Keel - DREAM CHASER- HD Camera from Harbour Chandler

2nd - Bill Allan - LAWN DART- Life Jacket from Trotac, Victoria Chandler
1st - Stuart Dahlgren - WESTERLY- SCYC Jacket




             The LINES HONOURS AWARD went to Stuart Dahlgren who was presented with a DanBuoy from Pacific Net and Twine, Coombs (FYI - (if you're a novice to Regattas like me) - Lines Honours is awarded to the boat that crosses the line first before times are adjusted for handicaps.)

Andrew Rycroft presented the FAIRWINDS CUP. (The SCYC CUP for BEST PERFORMANCE) to Richard Hudson for the second year in a row!







Commodore Peter Howells presented the WINDSOR PLYWOOD CUP to the OVERALL REGATTA WINNER. This went to SKIPPER STUART DAHLGREN of the WESTERLY.
Congratulations to all the fine sailors that participated from near and far to make this event the traditional success that everyone arrives expecting. Our Regatta guests took the time to express their appreciation for being hosted during the entire weekend in such a welcoming and exceptional way. The 30th Anniversary of the SCYC Inter-Club Regatta proved to be yet another special memory... in spite of those fluky winds!

(And perhaps a Team Spirit Award should have been suggested, as well.  After all, Surfrider did have matching jackets, caps, and painted toenails! The ultimate in a color coordinated crew!) - Article by Mary Laudien

- Photos by Mary & Ryan Laudien and Andrew Rycroft



A clear, sunny May 7th was not a given with our unpredictable, wet spring. THANK YOU SEA GODS for providing the best conditions possible for SCYC's Opening Day of the Season!


The SCYC dignitaries were led down to the After Deck by our piper, Josh Dielemon, Commodore, Peter Howells, and Nanoose Power Squadron Commander, Jim Dutton. There was an impressive number of Past Commodores in the procession this year! 





Bruce Barry provided an account of the history behind Sail Pasts and re-acquainted memberswith the procedures to follow when sailing past and receiving the salutes from our distinguished Commodore and Power Squadron Commander aboard CASSIS.  

Commodore Peter welcomed everyone to the event. It was clear he was thrilled to see the crowd of participants filling the After Deck and adjoining pier. Commander Jim followed with sharing a helpful aid for Commodore Peter to access when heading out to position his stationary vessel. (Yes, he wore the PORT (red sock for left) and the STARBOARD (green sock for right!) certainly, a must for any Captain (and perhaps especially Commodore Peter...). Fleet Captain, Andrew Rycroft addressed the membership, as well, mentioning the Sail Past Fun Race that was a new addition to the event this year. He also gave instructions to the captains about formation on the water and taking the lead.  Many thanks to John Curran, Past Commodore, for organizing the 'on-the-water' portion of our Opening Day.

Our national anthem was sung (thank you Lou Boulanger for leading the participants) as the Canadian flag was hoisted. And then the crowd dispersed to their boats to get into formation out on the water, for the Sail Past ritual. And what a lovely afternoon it was basking in the sunshine and watching all the captains and their beautiful vessels get positioned. Several members boarded other's boats and enjoyed the social aspect of the event, making the day all the more memorable!



By 4:00, it was off to Fairwinds for a pre-dinner social that provided the sun worshippers an opportunity to mingle out on the patio. The decorating theme was Anchors Aweigh and Social Director Jo Graham and her TEAM transformed the Fairwinds dining room completely. The nautical displays leading up the stairs led the guests to a burgee-filled dining-room ceiling with a predominant red, white and blue color scheme, donning the tables. Anchors and nautical artefacts were found throughout the dining room and along the counters- including the draw prizes. The members were encouraged to dress in stripes, anchor prints, nautical jewellery and hats, to be eligible for competing in the Dress-Up Contest.  Thanks to Tamara Danyluk and Kathy Swangard who organized the dinner portion of our Opening Day.

Charline Sinclair was the MC for the dinner. This woman is such a powerhouse and she kept the dinner program short and lively! She had the club members chuckling, as a chosen finalist in the Dress -Up Contest, she announced that every single piece of her coordinated outfit was purchased at the SOS store in Parksville! Fortunate SCYC to have this woman's positive energy and promotional skills taking on leadership roles in the club! Once again, Commodore Peter greeted everyone and praised the membership for the outstanding participation in the Opening Day event. And SCYC'S lovely Bonnie Curl (nicknamed Grace) led us in saying grace, prior to dining.

Fairwinds surpassed everyone's expectations with their delicious buffet dinner. No one left the table hungry... and many just had to have a second helping of those scalloped potatoes... And you probably noticed how quickly the sticky pudding disappeared. Did anyone else observe a certain Commodore's wife sneaking a second helping of this all-time favourite dessert? Of course the background dining music provided by Dick Duffley added more ambience to the entire meal.


And then came the judging of the Dress-Up Contest with Judge Barry presiding. The finalists for the 3 categories included: John Curran, Charline Sinclair, Mary Laudien, Bonnie Curl, Ryan Laudien, and Brian Steane. Brian Steane won Deckhand, Mary Laudien won First Mate, and Ryan Laudien won the Captain category! How exciting was that? (The Laudiens now have matching tuques to wear together... if Ryan can ever talk Mary into boarding the TwoCan in cold weather...)

Raffle ticket sales, with Joanne Petry and Sandra Dutton enticing members to buy, went exceedingly well with almost $400 going into the SCYC kitty. And the prizes were amazing donations made by generous individuals and companies. Of course, the most coveted prize of all was the original Bonnie Curl watercolour! Lucky Donna Howell (an artist herself) for making the first choice. The other HAPPY WINNERS included: Janette Brown, Karon Wilson, Don Graham, Judy Schlotter, Debbie Davis, Sheila Greenberg, Chriss Steane, and Ryan Laudien. Thanks to prize donors Chriss and Brian Steane, Fairwinds, Sea Star Winery, Mt. Arrowsmith Craft Beer, Independent Marine, Impluse clothing, Bonnie Curl, Blackline Marine and SCYC!










Thanks to the SEA GODS smiling down on us, the 2017 boating season was launched successfully with friendship, fun, good spirit, and anticipation of the BEST SCYC BOATING SEASON EVER!


               -Pictures by Linda Hamilton, Charlene Sinclair, Mary Laudien

               -Article Submission by Mary Laudien

THIS IS ME! Fashion Show - April 19


THIS IS ME! FASHION SHOW held April 19 at the Nanoose Library treated 60 guests to a delightful afternoon.

Many guests took home fabulous door prizes and everyone received a goodie bag and great discounts on future purchases from the participants.


Cynthia Brown - INDEPENDENT MARINE AND SUPPLY STORE for her wonderful display of merchandise available in their store, providing two models for her Helly Hansen clothing as well as her generous donation of a Helly Hansen Jacket and lawn chair as door prizes.

Shelley Pilgrim - IMPULSE APPAREL & ACCESSORIES for organizing her five models (each modeled two outfits in the most up to date spring fashions), for setting up a display table with bags, shoes etc and donating a purse.

Lara Mulle - A BETTER YOU Pole/Body Fitness Sculpting and her demonstrator Jacqueline on the rewards of Pole Fitness. We are all anxious to give it a go!

Kristy Vergilio – BELLE LUCHE Clinical Skin Care for donating three skin care baskets and goodie bags for each guest.

Karina Voitchovsky – JEWELRY BY Alkara Designs for displaying her beautiful assortment of jewelry and donating earrings.

SCYC organizers Andy V and Linda H and their hard working volunteers, Marion, Chriss, Marianne, Lauren, Linda W, JoAnne, Anne M, Anne T and Charline. We could not have done it without you.

 All volunteers and models received a potted plant donated by TIM of KEN-DOR GARDEN CENTRE.




Craft Beer & Food Pairing - April 7th






The Craft Beer & Food Pairing Dinner on April 7th provided members with a very unique food and beer tasting experience.   Our private dining area, with the fireplace on, created a cozy retreat on a wet and stormy evening.

Each individually plated course was beautifully arranged and delicious.   The craft beers, carefully paired with each course, provided interesting discussions of flavours and of personal preferences.  The wine pairing options were delicious.








We began with Tempura Macs Oyster             followed by Crispy Chicken, Jam            and finished up with Camembert,

with Devilled Eggs                                                 and Salad Nicoise                                      Figs and Crostini                                                                                                                                              

Chefs Sean and Dan, having challenged themselves to provide an interesting evening for us, excelled at that task with creativity and     panache. 

Everyone agreed that is was a fabulous night and were unanimous that we should repeat it soon.



Spring General Meeting & Dinner - March 23

For those who missed the Spring Fever dinner prior to the Spring General Meeting, you missed good food and good company at a good price!  Congrats to Jo Graham and Chef (and F&B Manager) Dan Vogt, Brett Standerwick and staff for making this happen.  We were all in 'good cheer' prior to the meeting.  Jo plans to do this again prior to our AGM in November.

Seventy-two members, representing 48 memberships, attended our Spring General Meeting.  The meeting was short and sweet, confirming that our budget was on track with anticipated expenses and that an agreement with FW Enterprises (Fairwinds) had been signed.  As the agreement will only be valid for one year, conservative budgetting will continue and the dues increase will go forward in November as planned.  **Members interested in reading the full text of our agreement with Fairwinds will find it in the Members Area of the website, under Boating Issues and Organizations **.   Members of the executive reported on a wide variety of activities which are planned between now and the AGM, with summer cruises, outstations and regattas being the highlights.  Watch the website and Scyline for all the spring and summer events coming up!

Thanks to Cathy Carey for the photos!

Great job, Commodore!


2016 Racers' Awards held on March 19th 2017

Nearly 40 Racers and SCYC supporters attended the 2016 Racers' Awards Lunch held on March 19, 2017 at Fairwinds Golf Clubhouse.

The highlight of the lunch was the announcement that the Hot Rum Series would henceforth be known as the Ken Woodward Hot Rum Series.  The fact that it took a long time, due to adverse weather, to complete this year's Hot Rum Series must mean than Ken is 'stirring the pot as usual' somewhere upstairs!  Ken's wife, Catherine, and his son David, attended the Awards Lunch and were welcomed by everyone.  Flowers for Cat, and David (a brewery construction expert, always popular!) made the rounds of the racers and heard all sorts of stories about his dad.

The Ken Woodward Hot Rum Series was won by Freewind (Richard Hudson), 2nd was Shingebiss (Neal Berger) and 3rd was Amazing Grace.

The Spring Series was won by Freewind (Richard Hudson), 2nd was Shingebiss (Neal Berger) and 3rd was Linden Lea (Andrea Schimmelfinnig),

The Bay Race was won by Freewind (Richard Hudson), 2nd was Shingebiss (Neal Berger) and 3rd was SPUD (John Collins).

The Spring Single Handed Race was won by Linden Lea (Andrew Ryecroft), 2nd was Seeker (Dean Dreger) and 3rd was Early Dawn (Larry Morden).

The Lasqueti Race:  Highest place SCYC boat was Freewind (Richard Hudson), and the Lasqueti Jack & Jill was won by Starlight Express (Linda and Tim Rann).

The Fall Single Handed Race was won by SPUD (John Collins), 2nd was Natural High (Bruce Petry), 3rd was Seeker (Dean Dreger, with 4th place and line honours to Ariyas (Andrea Schimmelfinnig).

The Fall Series was won by Freewind (Richard Hudson), 2nd was SPUD (John Collins) and 3rd was Ice Bear (Neal Berger).

The Fleet Regatta Award was won by Rod St. Denis, with Bruce Carr accepting on his behalf.

Freewind made almost a clean sweep of the awards, winning the Best Overall Trophy in addition to all the others!  OBVIOUSLY FREEWIND IS THE BOAT TO BEAT IN 2017!!!  

Richard Hudson, Captain/Skipper of Freewind, was presented the Fleet Captain's new Twisted Spike Award, as the most aggressive sailor in the 2016 Racing Series!


From a large bottle of dark rum, donated by Cat from Ken's on-board supply, Ken and all the 2016 winners were toasted more than once.  It was a great year...