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2017 SCYC Wine Tour

On September 29th a total of 46 intrepid wine tasters enjoyed a a fabulous day out, despite a forecast for heavy showers and a last minute bus break down.

The day began bright and early in the upper parking lot at Fairwinds Marina with coffee and some very tasty muffins baked by volunteers. Happily the bus was soon fixed after only a minor delay and after departure, the MC’s, Bill & Linda Hamilton, did a fine job of keeping everyone entertained with jokes and skill testing games. The very talented Andy and John Vallis blew everyone away with their unsurpassed knowledge of 1960’s Canadian rock music and Canadian trivia.

The first stop was at the very picturesque Blue Grouse Winery for a tasting and an engaging presentation by winemaker, Bailey Williamson. His comments included the history of the property and buildings as well as the types of grapes best suited to the Vancouver Island climate and general information regarding the wine making process.

An hour of free time in Duncan gave everyone a chance to check out the local shops or the brew pub. Some stragglers from the latter establishment received some wry comments from their fellow passengers when they finally returned to the bus. One individual was even spotted crawling on all fours to avoid being noticed.

Our final stop was at Unsworth Vineyards for a fabulous gourmet lunch served family style and accompanied by tastings of a selection of their fine wines, together with a commentary by the Tasting Room Manager.


















 The volume level in the bus on the trip home was distinctly higher than on the outward trip. Chocolate and liqueur served on the return drive back to Fairwinds added to the atmosphere. The end to another memorable and enjoyable SCYC day out!



Another successful Club Regatta has become a recent memory for the SCYC membership. The anticipation leading up to this fun, team-building event is over and members will be winding down their cruising throughout the end of the season... but not before they participate in one last club cruise.

The writer of this article had her heart set on participating in this year's event. After experiencing the exhilaration of racing previous years with the TwoCan sailing faster than one ever imagined, she was keen! (Perhaps it was due to the expert crewing onboard from the Orava team... ) But alas, it wasn't meant to be. The Saturday weather took a complete 360 with 25 knot winds and rain. This would not have been an issue, had they not moved their boat to Stones Marina in the spring. By mid-afternoon, after tracking the less than ideal conditions and consultation with the Orava crew, the Captain finally decided mid-afternoon not to move the TwoCan. Well, didn't that take the wind out of their sails? Literally.

Not to be left out completely, they attended the Captain's Meeting in the morning, regardless of the fact they lacked a sailboat tied up to the dock. A few photos were taken to share the mood of the Captains and crew before boarding their vessels for this race that no one takes too seriously- especially when one understands the rule of the race. After 1.5 hours out or reaching the final way point (whichever happens first), the boat in the lead must turn around simultaneously with all the boats behind him, racing back to Schooner Cove. You see how this BANG and BACK RACE is anything BUT a serious affair!



























The RAG-BAGGERS and STINK POTTERS headed out enthusiastically for an afternoon of fun and camaraderie on the water. After the previous blustery day, the conditions on Sunday afternoon were perfect for a race in wind of 16 knots and the sun shining with a comforable16 degree temperature. As expected, those SEA GODS were smiling down on the 2017 SCYC Fleet Regatta, once again.















       THEY'RE OFF!








Hungry sailors returned to a barbecue organized by Rhonda Lott and Gerry Reimer. Joanne Petry was recognized for coming up with a system to reduce and recycle after the dinner. She met her ultimate goal of just having one small bucket of garbage at the end of the evening. Well done Conservation Queen!

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SCYC knows how to organize and pull off a memorable, challenging, and spirited regatta weekend. The BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA (it's new official name, as BMW is now it's presenting sponsor for the event) is a favourite amongst racers from as far away as the Mainland, Campbell River and Victoria. 200 sailors participated over the weekend, making it a lively event! The comments, kudos, and testimonials from the racers on Sunday morning, was a tribute to the reputation SCYC has for hosting the BEST Regatta in the VIRS series.





The racers and SCYC members, launched the weekend with a burger barbeque (halibut, salmon and/or beef) on the greens overlooking Schooner Cove. Live music was supplied by a group of talented local jammers and the festivities set the tone for an incredible regatta weekend. Breakfast was served both Sat. and Sun. mornings and stew was waiting for the hungry racers when they returned Saturday evening.

As everyone knows, an event such as this, does NOT happen without a village. Some of the key people involved, included:

PETER MILNE- the overall coordinator of the Regatta and a most detailed leader! He was thrilled to have 80% of the boats registered early this year!
BRUCE PETRY- found the sponsors and gathered the prizes. He is our GO-TO-GUY in the club who helps out on many fronts- timekeeper and setting up/dismantling, etc.
WALLY CLARK- organized the Race Committee, found slips for visiting boats and communicated the directions to their berths.
CHARLENE SINCLAIR - nicknamed, "FIREBALL" is the member who personalized the event for the visiting sailors, and coordinated a team of 40 volunteers, to serve the barbeque on Friday Night, breakfast on Saturday morning, stew dinner on Saturday night (which ended up being until 1:30 Sun. am... who knew?), and a final breakfast on Sunday morning before the Awards Ceremony.
KATHY SWANGARD- as SCYC's Communications Officer, organized the regatta poster, contacted racers on the Island and the Mainland promoting the regatta. She promoted the event through the Scyline, ensuring that all members were involved as much as possible.
ANDREW RYCROFT- handled the bar service and managed his team of volunteers to serve libations with both dinners.
DAVID KRATT- Fairwinds new manager was helpful in participating in the hosting for the Regatta.

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A clear, sunny May 7th was not a given with our unpredictable, wet spring. THANK YOU SEA GODS for providing the best conditions possible for SCYC's Opening Day of the Season!


The SCYC dignitaries were led down to the After Deck by our piper, Josh Dielemon, Commodore, Peter Howells, and Nanoose Power Squadron Commander, Jim Dutton. There was an impressive number of Past Commodores in the procession this year! 





Bruce Barry provided an account of the history behind Sail Pasts and re-acquainted memberswith the procedures to follow when sailing past and receiving the salutes from our distinguished Commodore and Power Squadron Commander aboard CASSIS.  

Commodore Peter welcomed everyone to the event. It was clear he was thrilled to see the crowd of participants filling the After Deck and adjoining pier. Commander Jim followed with sharing a helpful aid for Commodore Peter to access when heading out to position his stationary vessel. (Yes, he wore the PORT (red sock for left) and the STARBOARD (green sock for right!) certainly, a must for any Captain (and perhaps especially Commodore Peter...). Fleet Captain, Andrew Rycroft addressed the membership, as well, mentioning the Sail Past Fun Race that was a new addition to the event this year. He also gave instructions to the captains about formation on the water and taking the lead.  Many thanks to John Curran, Past Commodore, for organizing the 'on-the-water' portion of our Opening Day.

Our national anthem was sung (thank you Lou Boulanger for leading the participants) as the Canadian flag was hoisted. And then the crowd dispersed to their boats to get into formation out on the water, for the Sail Past ritual. And what a lovely afternoon it was basking in the sunshine and watching all the captains and their beautiful vessels get positioned. Several members boarded other's boats and enjoyed the social aspect of the event, making the day all the more memorable!



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