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The main event of the season has left us with fond memories of yet another special evening together anticipating the new year ahead. 2019’s Ball was well-attended with everyone decked out in their finery, so much so that it was hard to recognize the male members looking so dashing, after a season of stained t-shirts and shorts on the docks.

As members entered this elegant event, they were warmly welcomed into the transformed venue. Jo Graham, Ryan Laudien, Doug Herchmer and Marion Clark greeted all members with drink tickets and instructions to seek out Jo McIlveen (our official photographer) for photos. The Commodore’s Ball Organizing Team, under the direction of Jo Graham, included:

  • Sheila Greenberg and Marion Clark for their inspired creativity with the elegant settings with Joanne Caple’s help
  • Programs prepared by Linda Hamilton
  • Sandra Dutton, Andy Vallis, Anne Milne and Jo McIlveen- setting up and dismantling.

The overall chic effect was created with the tall glass vases and white roses, aqua blue napkins and white X’mas lights. Simple, but beautiful.

The social hour over drinks and hors d’oeuvres was enjoyed by all. There is always an audible energy in the room, as members seek out one another to connect and start planning new adventures for 2020. The COMMODORE'S BALL truly is the SCYC'S SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR.

Captain Janette Brown and First Mate Scott Brown welcomed everyone to their assigned dinner tables. Janette and Scott proved to be the ultimate risk takers in our club this year. Having NEVER attended a Commodores Ball before, they volunteered to take on the MC role. This dynamic duo brought in humor (Okay, agreed, Scott’s jokes really were GROANERS.), but the COIN TOSS GAME sporting Commodore Bob Delaney’s face on the HEADS side, won everyone over. Their choice of props and visuals they prepared added both fun and entertainment to the program.














Our special guests were introduced to the SCYC members: Commodore Therese Saunders and husband, Brian Saunders from Maple Bay Yacht Club, Vice Commodore Leslie Smith and husband, Burnie Smith from Nanaimo Yacht Club and Past Fleet Captain John Schnellback and wife, Shannon Breeze from Maple Bay Yacht Club.

Our SCYC Past Commodores in attendance were asked to stand to be recognized: Bruce Berry, Ron Davis, Peter Howells, Karen Herage, Joe Skipsey, Bonnie Curl, Joe Straka, Pam May-Straka, and our most recent addition, Ryan Laudien. New members were introduced and welcomed. Pauline Back and Lindsey Wilson will be wonderful additions to our club.

Our personable Bonnie Curl came forward to say Grace. She ALWAYS has something historical to impart with the club. (You’ll hear more about the red dress later in the article.)

Fairwinds outdid themselves this year with our plated dinner of BBQ Pork Ribs or Steelhead Trout. Chef Shawn was brought out from the kitchen and his support staff, Taylor, Tim and James were thanked. As well, the serving staff, coordinated by Elizabeth and assisted by Lisa, Lani, and Erica were acknowledged.

As the dessert and coffee were delivered, the program for the evening got underway. Past Commodore, Ryan Laudien, thanked the 2019 executive for their diligence and club spirit in making SCYC one of the most congenial and aligned clubs during another year of change and transition.

He then had the honor of presenting the coveted Si Wood Trophy for 2019 to a member who had contributed to our club for outstanding service in a significant way. The recipient of the Si Wood Trophy 2019 was recognized for her three year term as Social Director. Jo Graham DAZZLED us with her thoughtful, inclusive planning and her amazing social events for Regattas, Sail Pasts and Commodore's Balls. She instituted the AFTERDECK FRIDAYS as another way for members to connect, and she even inspired reluctant Past Commodore Ryan to put up some X’mas lights! She has creatively theme planned our events, always keeping her goal in mind, ensuring that racers participated socially with the cruisers as one completely unified group. By the standing ovation for Jo, it is obvious that the entire club won’t forget the memories accumulated from all the special events of the last 3 years. THANK YOU JO! (Hopefully husband/vintner, Don toasted your award with his excellent champagne upon returning home after the Ball.)

Past Commodore Ryan Laudien then officially acknowledged SCYC’s incoming Commodore, Bob Delaney. The coveted 'Commodore's Cap' (donated by Bonnie Curl) and ceremonial burgee were passed on to Bob. (As well as a personal gift to spruce up his Commodore attire at SCYC events.)







Past Commodore Peter Howels called Past Commodore Ryan Laudien back up to receive a token of appreciation from the club for his service in the role of Commodore for 2019. And Donna Howells called upon the writer of this article to come forward to receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. (Boo Hoo! Prairie Girl was just starting to like husband’s role as Commodore and now its over…)

2020's Commodore came forward to introduce the SCYC 2020 EXECUTIVE:

Commodore- Bob Delaney                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Vice Commodore- VACANT                                                            

Past Commodore- Ryan Laudien

Secretary- Kathy Swangard

Treasurer- James Watson

Rear Commodore- Doug Hershmer

Fleet Captain- Richard Hudson

Staff Captain- Dick Duffley

Social Director- VACANT

Communications Director- Linda Watson

Director at Large- Pat Terfloth

Janette and Scott created a fun visual and slide show of our new Commodore and acknowledged his continued commitment to the club, despite his wanderlust (adequately described as his 10 day rule). Thankfully with technology, he’s able to keep in contact when needed. He is hopeful that some members will step up to take on the Vice Commodore and Social Director roles, as both executive positions are important to the club’s function. If not individuals, teams would work. Please consider this option.

And then it was on to more serious matters... THE DREADED MEMA AWARD! (Most Embarrassing Moment Award) Who would be the fated winner for 2019? It must have been a pretty abnormal year for mishaps, as only two nominations were put forward this year.

Dick Duffley nominated Don Graham for a “Skipsey Knot” reoccurrence. Don Graham provided Silverwood for the Club Regatta race starts and finishes and for setting the start line. Everyone remembers Joe’s notoriety over the “Skipsey Knot”, but what you may not know (If you didn’t read Prairie Girl’s article in Sept.) is that we have another notorious knot maker. That’s right members- Don Graham was towing his dinghy and buoy out to the start line and wouldn’t you know it, his knot didn’t hold and his buoy and dinghy started drifting. He was totally oblivious that they were gone! Fortunately, Eric Young and Dick Duffley rescued the drifting flotsam just before it kissed the rocks.

And Richard Hudson nominated Jim Dutton this year for mutinous behaviour. Crewing aboard Spud, Jim noticed Skipper John Collins was perhaps a tad too relaxed drinking a beer with his feet up in the middle of the race. Jim felt compelled to take the helm and wouldn’t you know it, he found the dreaded Schooner Reef. At that point there wasn’t anything to be done, but to wait for the tide to lift them off. Noteworthy to the story, Spud still went on to win the race, in spite of the delay!

Well, the winner of the coveted MEMA AWARD for 2018 went to Jim Dutton! However, Jim was no where to be found to receive this prestigious award. Hmm, do you think, perhaps, he had an inkling of his nomination?

The evening ended with further socializing and dancing, thanks to music by Bruce Feltham.

All SCYC members enjoyed the opportunity to further engage with one another and catch up. And you know it has been a successful night, when your guests from other Yacht Clubs stay after dinner to dance and socialize. Once again, Jo Graham (our talented Social Director) and her committee, put on a smashing event, providing our members with yet another treasured memory.

Formal Photographer: Jo McIlveen

Informal Photographers: Donna Howells and

Cathy Carey

Advertisements of the Commodore’s Ball:Linda Watson (Communications Director)

Article Prepared by Mary Laudien (alias: Prairie Girl)




“Some of it is magic. Some of it is tragic. But I had a good life all the way.” Jimmy Buffet’s philosophy permeated our Fleet Regatta experience throughout the day. By the end of the event, members all left for home feeling their day truly was magic, as we continue to live the good life!

"Mother Mother Ocean I heard you call. Wanted to sail on your water since I was three feet tall." (A Pirate Looks at Fifty)

As always seems to be the case with Regattas, some apprehension builds before the event with regards to weather forecasts. Two days prior to our event the winds were strong and everyone hoped that they would become manageable for a fun Fleet Regatta. And of course, the weather turned out to be ideal for one of the best yet!

The race this year was a “Bang and Back Race”, in which all boats sail the same course, and then at a time selected by the Principal Race Officer, all boats reverse their course and sail the same course back to the finish line, which was previously the start line. (Strategies to note to give one the upper hand in this race: 1. It can be to your advantage to start the race just under the 5minute close out time. 2. Monitor Channel 16 closely, so you know when to turn your boat around.)

Ten boats participated in the race and enjoyed winds as high as 12 knots and as low as 6. Prairie Girl was invited to participate as an observer aboard PYRAT this year with the understanding that she wouldn’t be crewing…(Could she be milking this 'broken ribs' thing just a little too far?)

Don Graham provided Silverwood for the race starts and finishes and for setting the start line. Joe Skipsey was the Principal Race Officer aboard Silverwood.   Everyone remembers Joe’s notoriety over the “Skipsey Knot”, but what you may not know is that we have another infamous knot-maker. That’s right members- Don Graham was towing his dinghy and buoy to mark the start line and wouldn’t you know it, his knot didn’t hold and his buoy and dinghy started drifting. Eric and Dick rescued the drifting flotsam before it kissed the rocks. (He thought he got away with it without anyone noticing, but unfortunately for Don, Prairie Girl happened to hear about it.) Seriously though, the start was well organized without any near collisions and everyone appeared to be on their best behavior.

Prairie Girl can only comment on what was observed on PYRAT during the race, although some stories did circulate later during the celebration at the Golf Club. It seemed the laughs never stopped the entire 3 hours on the water… It was supposed to be a FUN Regatta, after all. Everyone on PYRAT participated in crewing and helming, minus Prairie Girl. There appeared to be a few communication problems between Dick and Yvonne when she insisted on questioning PYRAT’s GPS, as she sought to find her depth, and Dick refused to acknowledge her question, as she was incorrectly referring to PYRAT’s chart plotter… uh oh! (He does have a reputation for being a stickler when it comes to using correct nautical terms and protocols!) Oh yes, and didn’t the crew chuckle when Len noticed that all the other boats had turned around and were heading in the opposite direction? Hmmm, it seems their CAPTAIN had forgotten to set his radio to the correct channel. (Dick blamed this oversight on all the distractive feminine chatter aboard - of course he did!) And finally, when PYRAT squeezed past the Finish Line at EXACTLY 3:00 (or did we?), the crew decided NOT to admit they were included in the helming… Can you guess why? Oops! I think Prairie Girl forgot the pact they made before setting out, “What HAPPENS on PYRAT, STAYS on PYRAT.” Sheesh, do you think perhaps this limits her chance of receiving another invite back aboard PYRAT next year?

After the race, the racers made their way home to change and arrive at the Fairwinds Golf Club Bar in keeping with Jimmy Buffet’s lyrics, “That crazy concoction that keeps us all hanging on…” The vibe in the room was so friendly and welcoming, as people signed in with Randy and Emily Little, and then were greeted by Janette Brown, Alison Chinn, Jo Graham and Ryan Laudien. These events are always such fun because one never knows with whom you will sit at dinner, until you arrive and are randomly placed at tables using the draw a card method. This makes for even more chances to get to know members that are new or whom you have not yet been acquainted. (Just another great idea of our Social Director, Jo Graham who has been outstanding at making our club both inclusive and friendly.)                                                                                                                    

Marianne and Dick Duffley circulated during the social, choosing the three best costumes that interpreted the Parrot Head/Jimmy Buffet theme. The winners announced after dinner included: Joe Straka (Wasn’t his parrot hat amazing?). Jo McIlveen (Every little detail related to the theme!) and Lindsay Wilson (His grass skirt impressed us all!).


Over drinks, before dinner, live music was enjoyed by David Moddle and Friends (David, Lonnie and Michael Moddle, Wally Chin, and Jim Spinelli). This, of course, just added to the party atmosphere.

Peter Howells, our jet lagged MC, did a masterful job of building in Jimmy Buffet quotes and trivia into the program. When dinner was announced, Dick Duffley had Cheeseburgers in Paradise playing as members lined up for their Cheeseburger menu, “lettuce and tomatoes, Heinz 57& French fried potatoes, big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer”. A thank you went out to Fairwinds staff- chef Shawn Sannes and his staff for another tasty meal prepared for our club.

After dinner, the program was such fun, as winners for an array of prizes were announced. The participation of so many SCYC racers in our Fleet Regatta this year, made it an outstanding event. Everyone was appreciative that Pam May-Straka and Richard Hudson planned and coordinated this successful event on the water.

There was a prize for the boat that cruised the greatest overall distance in the last 12 months and this was presented to Tim Rann.

The boat that exhibited the MOST EFFECTIVE START (meaning: The captain had the best strategy- starting later than the others to increase their chance of winning as they would have a shorter distance to travel on the reversed section of the course.) Winner: Paul Orava (Salty Hacker) His time was ONE SECOND shy of the close out time- 4.59 seconds…. Perfect for a Bang and Back Race!

The first boat over the finish line to reverse the fleet went to Georgina Martin (Troublemaker).

The FIRST PLACE OVERALL WINNER who made it first across the finish line went to John Collins (Spud) He received the trophy and a sail bag created by Grace Norman.


DIVISION ONE RESULTS (Cruising fleet, without spinnakers)

FIRST PLACE: Gypsy Soul 2 (Larry Morden) He received a jacket.

SECOND PLACE: Natural High (Bruce Petry) He received beer (to drown his misery at missing First Place- ha!)

THIRD PLACE: Salty Hacker (Paul Orava) He received a toque and Richard figured he was out there long enough to need it, as they came in dead last! (So much for that strategy of the late start!)

DIVISION TWO RESULTS: (Cruising fleet with spinnakers)

FIRST PLACE: FANASEA (Bronwen Young) She received a jacket.

SECOND PLACE: Pyrat (Dick Dufley) He received beer to drown his sorrows for the sorry crew he had aboard…ha!


FIRST PLACE: Spud (John Collins) He received a jacket.

SECOND PLACE: Troublemaker (Georgina Martin) She received beer.

THIRD PLACE: Linden Lea (Andrea Schimmelfennig) She received a tuque.

Parrot Heads and Jimmy Buffet proved to be the ideal theme for our 2019 FUN FLEET REGATTA. Everyone went home feeling content that they had had another successful event, living the good life.

Special thanks goes out to Richard Hudson and Pam May-Straka (stepping in as Fleet Captains) for organizing a brilliant regatta and to Jo Graham (Social Director) for organizing a special Jimmy Buffet theme party.

Party Set-Up: Andy Vallis, Jim Mendria

Advertising of the event by Linda Watson (Communications Director)

Photographs by Jim Mendria, Cathy Carey, and Donna Howells

Article written by Prairie Girl (Mary Laudien) http://www.marylaudien.com






Peter Milne and his regatta planning team have done it again! What a successful regatta weekend, including weather conditions. (Apparently John Collins was in charge of that...) The BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA is a well-oiled machine and has earned the reputation as a favourite amongst the racing community. Racers from as far away as the Mainland, Comox, Hornby Island, Sidney and Victoria participated.

After several spring races in May, including the Swiftsure Yacht Race suffering from lack of wind, our BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA delivered the goods. The morning of June 1st saw the first start with light winds from the northwest, but the wind soon filled in and most of the fleet had a great reach across to Lasqueti Island where many boats struggled to get through the infamous Lasqueti hole and Sabine Channel. From there to the NW corner of Lasqueti was a fast beat with several boats enjoying whale sightings. The last leg home was a spinnaker run that just kept getting better and better as the NW wind built to 15 knots.

After 41 miles, most boats were back at the dock by 7:00 pm, and all boats finished before 10:00 pm.

SCYC knows how to host a Regatta. A crowd of SCYC members joined the racers (almost 200 diners in total) to launch the regatta weekend. Live music with David Moddle and his band put everyone into a celebratory mood. All enjoyed the burger barbecue served on the green.

Debbie Davis and Bonnie Curl sold 50/50 tickets with a pot worth $350. Wasn't it fun when Kathy Swangard's number was pulled? And then the entire club enjoyed acknowledging Sandra Dutton's special birthday.... she actually seemed in good spirits over officially becoming a senior citizen! (She's embracing riding ferries for free, and senior's discounts!)























As everyone knows, an event such as this, does NOT happen without an active community of doers. Some of the key people involved, included:                      

Peter Milne- the overall coordinator/chair of the Regatta Committee and a most conscientious leader who spends months preparing for this event!

John Collins and Tim Rann -recruited many of the regatta sponsors and supported the event in several, behind the scenes ways. (The sailors truly enjoyed the complimentary Rum Punch after their race, Tim.)                                                                                                                                                                            Bruce Petry- solicited donations and communicated with our valuable sponsors.                                                                                                                          Wally Clark - organized the Race Committee, prepared the Notice of Race and the sailing instructions, and found slips for visiting boats. Wally also liaised with our presenting sponsor,BMW.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dean Dreger (Fleet Captain)- encouraged a record number of SCYC sailors to enter their boats in the regatta.                                                                             Linda Hamilton and her team of volunteers - organized the Friday evening BBQ. Linda also served as the principle contact with our major sponsor and food supplier, Thrifty Foods and bridged the gaps between events.                                                                                                                                                         Emily Little and her volunteers - took charge of the Saturday morning casserole breakfast. (Word has it that both Linda and Emily slept on their boats to ensure they were up early enough to plug in the coffee on Race Day.)                                                                                                                                                        Brenda Morden and her helpers organized the Saturday evening chilli.                                                                                                                                           Anne Milne and her team - served a pancake breakfast Sunday morning. Anne was also the contact with The Pie Factory who prepared the Saturday breakfast and chilli.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Joanne Petry - did an awesome job (again) organizing and ensuring all the trash was properly disposed and recycled to preserve our environment.                      Jim Dutton and his army of heavy lifters - erected the tents, the bandstand, delivered and returned the tables and chairs, picked up the ice for the bar and ensured that there was enough propane for the BBQs. When the week was all over, they took it all down again.                                                                                        Kathy Swangard (SCYC's Secretary)- organized the regatta poster, press releases and other publicity. Kathy also communicated with other yacht clubs and past participants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Claudia Hand (Web Administrator)- maintained the regatta website and managed online registration.                                                                                               Joe Skipsey - served as the Principal Race Officer and his Race Committee did an excellent job from start to finish.                                                                Ryan Laudien- handled the bar service and managed his team of bartenders to serve libations at the BBQ and chilli dinner.

Wally Chinn, Jo McIlveen, Cathy Carey, Linda Hamilton- photographers on and off the water. Thank you so much for the excellent photos.

David Kratt, Fairwinds Marina Manager and Staff - provided support throughout the regatta.


After chilli and some complimentary rum punch, the race crews relaxed and compared notes of the latest BMW LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA. Many sailors took the time to express their appreciation for being hosted during the entire weekend in such a welcoming and exceptional way. Others noted that this was one of their favourite regattas. They glowed while sharing their sailing experiences after the race. Several boats encountered a pod of humpback whales in Sabine Channel. Others spoke of one of the catamarans zigzagging past their boats at 16+ knots. Apparently it was quite a site! And everyone raved about having an exhilarating spinnaker run down the last leg and across the finish line with strong winds from the top of Lasqueti Island. It was delightful for everyone to see a diverse age range of sailors out this year, from the young to the, shall we say ... more mature!








Sunday morning, Commodore Ryan Laudien opened the Awards Ceremony addressing the group of spent sailors (himself being one of them) and SCYC members, thanking our exceptional SCYC volunteers and business sponsors. He then passed the program on to Peter Milne to recognize the skipper/crew raffle winners.

Tickets were drawn for both skippers and crew. Check out the collage to see who the lucky winners were of: a pollen tuque from Independent Marine, handheld compasses from LORDCO, a Boro Cook Cup from Industrial Plastic, tee shirts, caps, and hoodies from Trend Diesel, and stainless steel mugs from Tro Tac.











AMISKWI (Skipper: Chris Read) received a Battery Charger (from our sponsor, Lordco) for being the FIRST BOAT to REGISTER for the regatta.The LAST BOAT TO FINISH (and register... hmm...), SABOEY (Skipper: Rick Overton) received a prawn trap and gear (from our sponsor, Independent Shipwrights). And the "MOST NOTABLE BOAT TO FINISH" went to SHAHEEN (Skipper: Jay Pirooz) for completing the course and crossing the finish line with his four fenders dragging in the water. OH MY! He received a fender step (from our sponsor, Harbour Chandler).









 Dean Drager (Fleet Captain) presented the FAIRWINDS CUP. for the BEST PERFORMANCE by an SCYC BOAT. This went to SPUD (Skipper: John Collins)

And finally the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were presented with their prizes. All 3rd place winners received polo shirts, 2nd place winners received plaid jackets and 1st place winners went home with red SCYC jackets. Thank you to our sponsors and Five Star Embroidery for providing these exceptional sailing garments.

DIVISION 5 winners were presented their prizes by Bob Delaney (Vice Commodore)

1st: Tom Stevens- Lickety Split

2nd: Bill Allan- Lawn Dart

3rd: Stuart and Joy Dahlgren -Westerly

DIVISION 4 winners were presented their prizes by Jim Dutton (Commander of the Nanoose Bay Power Squadron)

1st: Chris Clarke- Mistletoe

2nd: Wally Clark- Regalo

3rd: Eric Young -FanaSea

DIVISION 3 winners were presented their prizes by Linda Hamilton

1st: Allan Ip - Godzilla

2nd: Ken Lott- Sea Lion

3rd: John Collins- Spud

DIVISION 2 winners were presented their prizes by Doug Herchmer (Rear Commodore)

1st: Elaine & Nigel Wade- Synergy

2nd: Kevin Van Hullebush- Balderdash

3rd: Ron Turner- Blue Shift

DIVISION 1 winners were presented their prizes by Pat Terfloth (Director at Large)

1st: Dream Chaser-Greg Keel

2nd: James Robinson - FDJ

3rd: Peter Walford- Lotus

Commodore Ryan Laudien presented the WINDSOR PLYWOOD CUP to the OVERALL REGATTA WINNER. This went to SKIPPER Greg Keel of Dream Chaser.

Congratulations to all the fine sailors that participated from near and far to make the 2019 LASQUETI ISLAND REGATTA the traditional success that everyone expects.

Dean Dreger (Fleet Captain) had everyone present stand and give a standing ovation to our regatta organizer, Peter Milne for his outstanding commitment to SCYC . He is the man with exceptional organizational and leadership skills to ensure that the Lasqueti Island Regatta has been extremely successful and created the positive reputation SCYC has for hosting one of the most popular regatta on the Island. Peter's ability to lead his teams and forge enduring relationships with our guest sailors has been key. It also takes someone who pays attention to detail in all areas of the regatta. SCYC appreciates and salutes you, Peter. Thank you for dedicating so much of yourself to putting SCYC out front in the racing community. (And thank you Anne for putting up with Peter when he is giving so much to our club!)













Article written by Mary Laudien (Prairie Girl- www.marylaudien.com)



Well! Didn't SCYC greet the Official Opening of the 2019 Boating Season in a unique way this year? For those of you not able to make it to the ceremony, and perhaps were watching it from a deck above the marina, you had quite a sight! Everything looked organized, as usual, down at the After Deck, with our special bagpiper, Josh Dielemon leading Commodore Ryan Laudien, Nanoose Power Squadron Commander Jim Dutton, and a number of Past Commodores down the dock.

Spectators, watching from above, would have been unaware of what was being discussed down below on the docks. The morning racers had returned exhilarated after experiencing 25 knot winds. The captains felt it perhaps wasn't prudent to set out after the dock ceremony on such a blustery day. There were concerns that CARIAD's anchor (Commander Jim's boat) may not hold and wouldn't that cause a commotion for the parade of boats saluting their Commodore and Commander! No one wanted to make the call until checking the winds at the last possible minute.


The Deck Ceremony went off as planned. Past Commodore Simon Huddy welcomed the other Past Commodores and the many participants filling the Afterdeck to the event. Our national anthem was sung with Sandra Dutton leading, as the Canadian flag was hoisted. Commodore Ryan Laudien welcomed the special guests, Commander Jim Dutton and wife, Sandra Dutton, and the SCYC members to the 2019 Opening Day of the Boating Season. He also mentioned, a cautionary bit of wisdom, that the seasoned sailor, Dick Duffley had recently conveyed during an initial "shake down" sail aboard the TwoCan XL: "Make friends with your boat." (This takes time when one is becoming acquainted with a new or previously owned boat, and since the author of this article hasn't seen Commodore Ryan since the haul out of the TwoCan XL on March 7th, she'd say he took Dick's advice seriously!) Commander Jim Dutton filled in for Fleet Captain Dean Dreger to address how the sail past would proceed on the water. Now, those members who weren't present will be dying to read the next paragraph because there was a completely different procedure for 2019's Sail Past announced!

Past Commodore Peter Howells came up with a brilliant solution to our gale winds discomfort. He suggested that it would be safer to man our boats, as usual, but NOT leave the docks. Instead, wait for the air horn to blast, and be ready to salute the Commodore and Commander as they zoomed up and down the fingers in a dinghy. What a crazy spectacle, those of you with marina views from your decks, must have experienced!









No one complained about the last minute decision and members took to their boats and settled in quite happily with Proseco and appetizers off their aft decks. Most people bring guests aboard for the Sail Past, so parties were underway, by the time the air horn sounded. Can you picture the dignified display of the well-dressed Commodore standing up at the front of the dinghy waving the Commodore's flag as he was putt-putted along? (Commodore Ryan wanted to know if he resembled Washington crossing the Delaware?)










One member tried to get a close-up view of the prestigious dinghy as it flashed by Cassis for the salute. Janette Brown appeared over-anxious to salute our Commodore as close to the water, as possible. She practically fell 'head over heels' for Ryan off the swim deck of the Howell's boat. Thankfully, she didn't hit the water, but that didn't stop the passing of misinformation along B Dock that it was Marianne Duffley who had fallen into the water? Just imagine the kinds of salutes that one receives from a DINGHY. Commander Jim commented that if there had been a prize for the BEST SALUTE, Lilly and Scout (the Watson's beagles) would have been the recipient.

And then there was all the drama around Jo McIlveen, as the designated photographer of the event. Everyone was distracted (or entertained) watching her run, lugging her massive camera, as she tried to get to the next finger before the Official Saluting Dinghy zoomed off. Poor Jo rarely caught up and was completely breathless by the time she did. Jo ran a marathon up and down the docks trying to find the perfect vantage point from which to take her photos. You'll have to let her know how well she did, with no help from Past Commodore Peter who was Captain Speedy of the dinghy.















By 4:30, it was off to Fairwinds Golf Club for a pre-dinner social mingle and time to check out one another's interpretation of the costume theme, the BIG BAND ERA of the 40's. Social Director, Jo Graham provided a wonderful surprise for the 69 members and 8 Past Commodores attending. She hired a 19 piece live MOOD SWINGS BIG BAND led by Jill Mont to entertain us with Glen Miller dance music. You could tell that once the music started, members were moving in their seats, just itching to get on the dance floor. (Perhaps the dock parties prior to dinner helped everyone to lose their inhibitions and give it a whirl.) Jo had everyone warmed up by dancing herself, as well as Len and Yvonne Daczko, Linda Watson, and Jo McIlveen. Once they started, the dance floor filled up.











Before dinner was served, a dance contest was announced with Len and Yvonne Daczko designated as the judges. The dance floor filled up with hopeful competitors as the band played the song, 'In the Mood.' There were some amazing dancers giving their all and the judges finally had to agree to tap the dancers that were slowing down and taking slight breathers. It came down to 3 pairs of dancers: John and Karen Herage, Pam May-Straka and Hugo Martin, and Jo McIlveen and Linda Watson. The applause meter was used after the dance-off and Jo and Linda were announced the winners by our esteemed judges. What a show! It was like watching a live episode of Dancing with the Stars!
































Bill Hamilton hosted the pre-dinner portion of the program. Bill, decked out in duds that looked like he came straight to the Sail Past dinner from betting at a racetrack in the 40's, demonstrated his enthusiasm for our club. His costume was authentic with pieces saved from his father. He spoke of the Commodore's new boat- the TwoCan XL- trying to interpret the meaning of the name. (Not sure if he figured it out by his assumption that Prairie Girl was less enthusiastic about the new boat than the Commodore, but looked forward to cruising to her favourite shopping ports.) Perhaps it should have been named,the OneCanXL... Commodore Ryan greeted everyone and praised the membership for their outstanding participation in the unique Opening Day event. And having a full house for the dinner and dance was a wonderful send-off to the boating season ahead.

Nanoose Power Squadron Commander Jim Dutton and wife, Sandra were acknowledged as our special guests for the evening.

Past Commodore Simon Huddy welcomed the eight Past Commodores in attendance, acknowledging the years that they served.

Commander Jim toasted the SCYC club members for a safe and enjoyable boating season ahead.

And Past Commodore Bonnie Curl led us, as is tradition, in saying grace prior to dining.

Dinner was served on tables decorated with sailboat napkins and hand-picked driftwood centerpieces. These were created and assembled by the creative team: Marion Clark, Sheila Greenberg, and Andy Vallis. The decor was perfect with the burgees hanging above the tables to make the Sail Past venue festive. (Thank you Don Graham for putting those up for us, once again.)

Fairwinds presented a delicious scalloped potato and ham dinner... but we all know the best part came at the end of the meal. Who knows how many pans of sticky pudding were brought out to satiate the sweet tooths of our yacht club?                       

And finally came the judging of the Dress-Up Contest with Brian Steane and Linda Hamilton making the judgement using the Applause Meter. Actually, Brian and Linda should have been judged, rather than judges. They had put together excellent costumes for themselves. Five finalists were chosen: John Vallis (looking the part of Carly Simon's song, "You're So Vain" - You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht. (Jim Dutton's observation.), Bill Hamilton, Don Graham, Bonnie Curl, and Mary Laudien. The winners were: Bonnie Curl, John Vallis and Mary  Laudien. (It must have been the stripes!??)















As the evening came to a close, the reluctant SCYC members lingered to visit a little longer, discussing cruising plans and boat preparations with one another. The official SCYC Sail Past 2019 could go down in the historical yacht club records as the most unique one ever! Flexibility, fun and friendship replaced the usual formal traditions of the Start-Up Day. Everyone adjusted with good humour and a positive acknowledgement of the good time had by all launching the Opening Day of the 2019 Boating Season.

So many members come forward from our SCYC community to make these events happen. Sometimes their contributions are more behind the scenes and not always acknowledged. The writer of this article tries hard to include all, and thus she would like to add a few more names:

  • Judy Colhoun, Margaret Dedeluk, and Janette Brown - set up and greeting members at the door
  • Jo McIlveen, Cathy Carey, and Donna Howells -Photographers
  • Linda Watson-Preparing advertisements of the Sail Past and creating a synopsis of the event for the Scyline
  • James Watson- setting up processes for e-payments and tracking these
  • Fairwinds' Chef and Serving Staff for providing a perfect venue and dinner
  • AND MOST OF ALL... JO GRAHAM, our Social Director who keeps coming up with these special events and always ensures IT WAS THE BEST ONE YET!

Article written by Mary Laudien (Prairie Girl- www.marylaudien.com)

2018 Racers' Awards held on April 14th 2019

Following the last two races of this year's Spring Series, skippers, crew and assorted spouses and friends gathered at the Afterdeck to applaud the winners of the Series Races held in 2018. Fleet Captain Dean Dreger officiated and Commodore Ryan Ladien was on hand to lend an air of dignity. Dean began by recognizing Richard Hudson for organizing the successful and popular Racing Clinic held in March at the Nanaimo Yacht Club. 


 The Ken Woodward Hot Rum Series and the Spring Series were both won by Spud, skippered by John Collins.

The Fall Colours Series was won by Regalo, skippered by Wally Clark.

The Bay Race was won by Ice Bear, skippered by Neal Berger.

HotRumSpring 18FallColours 18BayRace 18


Shingebiss, skippered by Neal Berger, placed highest of SCYC boats in the Lasqueti Island Regatta.

John Collins, skipper of SPUD, was presented with the coveted trophy for overall winner of 2018 Series Races.

Overall 18 

 After the ceremonies, the crowd tucked into an excellent lunch of homemade BBQ burgers and salad.

BBQ2 18BBQ3 18

UK Sailmakers Racing Clinic 2019


On the weekend of March 9-10, sixty four sailboat racers from the five Central Vancouver Island yacht clubS, INCLUDING 33 FROM SCYC, participated in a racing clinic held at the Nanaimo Yacht Club. Participants ranged from very experienced racers to new participants in yacht racing. SCYC racers were very well represented at the event.

Initiated by SCYC, the Racing Clinic was led by Stuart Dahlgren and his wife Joy, both very experienced racers. Stuart and Joy are the owners of the northwest loft of UK Sailmakers in Sidney BC. They also own several racing boats ranging from a 24 foot sport boat to the 70 foot long “Westerly”. They are skilled sailmakers and are regular participants in distance races and regattas. They donated their time and resources to deliver this valuable racing clinic.

The program focused primarily on enhancing the knowledge of the participants about the International Racing Rules of Sailing and how tactical decisions and safety on the race course result from those rules. Stuart explored and interpreted the Racing Rules through presentations and discussion with the audience on the Saturday afternoon.

Stuart used were very professional, proprietary UK Sailmakers training resources for the presentation. Videos and pictures showed situations involving boats at race starts, rounding windward and leeward race course turning marks, sailing between turning marks, avoiding obstacles and finishing a race. The big topics were about right of way, which is a critical issue among boats competing in the congested racing environment on the water.

UKClinic1Stuart’s visual presentations and explanations showed situations on the water developing, how rule infractions developed, protests among the boats and the rules that apply in the situation. Learning tools helped the participants understand how the rules are interpreted to determine which of the illustrated boat(s) had right of way and how the boat(s) that must give way could have improved their situation.


Sailing on Sunday on eight boats under Stuart’s critical eye on the water and the eye of his drone in the air, the participants sailed a series of race starts and mark roundings to put tactics that result from the rules into practice. Winds and currents were favourable for this practice.


Boats effected multiple starts. After each start they sailed to round the turning mark, set a few hundred meters to windward of the start line, and return to the starting area for the next start. As the experience and skill of the boats increased the start line was shortened to increase congestion – thus making the correct use of the Racing Rules of Sailing increasingly important.

Fom NYC Fleet Captain Ron Campsall’s boat, Stuart videoed boats jostling for position on the start line and as they proceeded across the line. The drone videoed the boats rounding the turning mark.

Following the on-the-water practice Stuart conducted a detailed debrief, using the videos he took from the boat and the drone to discuss the tactics of the boats on the water. He offered suggestions to help boats understand how they could have improved their performance.

Net proceeds of the event are to be donated on behalf of the five Central Island Yacht Clubs to Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue following a draw from local community-focused charities nominated by each of the five clubs.

The Pie Factory from Parksville, which has also catered for several SCYC major racing events, delivered a delicious chili dinner and volunteers at NYC opened the bar at NYC for the participants.

SCYC is grateful to SCYC present and past executive members for handling on-line and on-site registration, fee collection and program planning and delivery and to NYC for providing their wonderful facility for the event. George Bishop, Racing Director, and several NYC volunteers facilitated activities there. DBYC representative Peter Schiedel, LMS representative Gerard Nachtegaele MBYC Fleet Captain Don Brown and NYC Racing Director Beorge Bishop promoted the Racing Clinic to their local racers.

On behalf of all of the participants, SCYC thanks Stuart and Joy Dahlgren of UK Sailmakers for their skill and knowledge as they delivered this very effective program. Their commitment contributes directly to the benefit of our clubs’ racing programs and the racing skill of our racers. Our racing community acknowledges UK Sailmakers for their ongoing support of racing on Vancouver Island.