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2018 Fleet Regatta



As the largest crowd “PERIOD!” in the long history of SCYC’s Fleet Race did not gather on the shore to cheer on the mighty racing/cruising fleet, the Race Officer did not start the clock. No one timed their yacht’s approach. No boats jockeyed for the best start. No committee boat crew sounded the starting signals. No flags were hoisted. As a result, no racers trimmed for speed and none settled in for the beat upwind to mark one. No crew was in the groove.

At the windward mark, no “Starboard” hail was heard as the leaders did not fight for the honour of first round the mark. No spinnakers were hoisted. No boats increased nor lost their lead.

No cheer went up as no boats crossed the line….but all boats still beat Spud!

Race postponed. Information re: 2nd attempt to follow.
Note: On race day, it was 29 knots at Ballenas….. good call Peter J.


Hanginwith great folk
Watchin' the rain soak
All of those golfers stuck in the rough.
Strummin' their six string, the band made our hips swing,
Dressed up as Jimmy - Life here’s not tough. 
Wasted away again in Margaritaville (Parksville?),
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that the weathers to blame,
But I know, it’s nobody's fault.

The post non-race party at Fairwinds was ON! A cancelled race did not mean a cancelled party. While the SE winds roiled Georgia Strait and the rain washed away the residue of this summer’s smokey days, the SCYC crew were warm and dry in the Fairwinds Bar and Grill. The “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” theme had many Hawaiian shirt-clad, Jimmy Buffet wannabes swaying and singing along with the live band. Crispy chicken wings, mountains of potstickers and a platter of healthy stuff helped soak up the complimentary free drink(s).

Although stories of heroic deeds on the high seas were absent, there was exciting news of boats recently bought and/or sold ... not Fake News! The Department of Gossip (DOG) is actively seeking details ;>)

Big hugs and a most sincere “Well done!” to Jo Graham and to the always-happy-to-help-‘ers, Wally & Marion Clark and John & Andy Vallis who decorated the entrance, staffed the sign-in table and even took some incriminating photos.

The party in the ballroom next door was loud and boisterous but ours was better: good friends, good food and good fun; who could ask for anything more?

Even without cheeseburgers, we live in paradise.                                                                                    

With apologies,    


PS The “Lost Shaker of Salt” remains at large….