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Our X'mas Luncheon couldn't have had a better venue than Cuckoo's Trattoria in Coombs. It was so perfect, in fact, that Rhonda Lott immediately pre-booked it for next year. The room was decorated with a 12 foot X'mas tree, for the occasion, with table settings adorned with hand- painted X'mas cards (created by that talented trio -Cathy Carey, Wendy Orava, and Donna Howells). Everyone found their place setting by matching a black and white photocopy to the hand -painted card. It made for seating arrangements not previously planned. It should be noted, that each X'mas card was unique and not one was left behind at the end. Thank you to our organizers for the lovely gift.











 As new and current members arrived, they were greeted and set out on a few tasks before mingling. Did you notice the new name and branding logo for our SCYC Ladies Lunch get-togethers? As you can see from the voting board, our female members had a chance to submit their ideas and the attendees at the X'mas Luncheon chose their favourite. The winner of this contest was clearly Cathy Carey & Wendy Orava for collaborating on the SCYC YachtZees. You'll notice it in the monthly Scyline, as the invitations go out to the YachtZees to attend a variety of gatherings and venues pre-planned for 2019.

The mingling was enriched with amazing appies and of course, a glass of wine. Chef Fausto and Server, Angela outdid themselves, passing around Mushroom Focaccia, Italian Pizza, and Pearl Bocconcini sticks... so yummy!

Of course, someone had to disrupt the satisfying flow of our mingling with a silly game. The members were sent, in groups, to numbered spots in the room to take 5 minutes to prepare a pantomime of a verse from a pre-selected popular X'mas song. Each group was then called upon individually to present and if the attendees couldn't immediately guess it - the group had to resort to singing it... OH HORROR!! Can you pick out who entertained us in song? Oh my!

Dinner was served family style and the menu was outstanding. The first course was Tortellini di Ricotta and Risotta Piemontese. The second course consisted of Pollo alla Parmigiana and Local Snapper. And even with all of that tasty food, no one could resist the assorted Italian X'mas desserts. (Notably, the chocolate, caramel, peanut butter slice was the first to disappear off the trays...)

A big thank you went out to Andy Vallis, for her five year tenure as committed Co-ordinator of the Ladies Lunch. She successfully ensured that we always had a hostess lined up for our lovely monthly lunches. Jo Graham, our Social Director, paid tribute to Andy for her outstanding service.

Everyone enjoyed the luncheon so much that there seemed to be some reluctance to leave... except for those members who had double-booked and rushed home to prepare for their evening Probus X'mas Party. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!