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Friday 01 September 2017 - Sunday 03 September 2017
Maple Bay Regatta :: Regatta


The Maple Bay Yacht Club is proud to invite you to help us celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the Annual Labour Day Regatta in beautiful Maple Bay. The regatta is open to boat owners of PHRF-BC / PHRF-NW rated boats, one design keelboats and dinghies and multi-hulls. Registration is on-line only.  Click on this link to register for the Labour Day Regatta

Friday 22 September 2017 - Sunday 24 September 2017
C.R.A.S.H Regatta :: Regatta

 CRASH Regatta 2017 PS

Come and have fun at the newly re-organized, rebranded and restructured second all time great Crash (Challenging Racing And Social Happenings) Regatta.  Free registration for boats from Nanaimo and further North, the Mainland and the USA. See crashregatta.com for all the details.


Friday 29 September 2017 - Sunday 01 October 2017
CFSA Regatta :: Regatta

 Boat Jumble CFSA Regatta 2016

The Canadian Forces Sailing Association Regatta begins on Friday with chili in the clubhouse. Moorage can be provided for boats that want to lay over. The CFSA regatta is 1 week after the CRASH regatta in Sidney so why not hit both while down that way. Use this link to go to their website. (if you get a 'fatal error', go to Home from the menu across the top then back to Regatta).

Saturday 14 October 2017 - Sunday 15 October 2017
Thermopylae Regatta :: Regatta


More information to follow when available