The SCYC Covid Cup Race is a shorter distance pursuit race for cruising and racing boats and will be sailed on Saturday June 6, 2020. This is a great opportunity for all of our boats to get out on the water for a fun sail. It’s time to shake the cobwebs out of the sails!

Following the completion of this race Skippers participating will be polled to determine if this race should be a single, self-standing race or should be converted to the first race of a series of three or five races to be sailed nominally every week or two weeks.

1. All SCYC cruising and racing sailboats are invited to participate in this event.
2. Boats may be sailed single handed or by a skipper and crew member(s) resident in the same household. All boats competing will sail in one Division.
3. The course to be sailed will be designed for cruising boats and for racing boats sailed short-handed.
4. The Rules governing the race will be the “COLREGS”: The International Regulations for Avoiding Collisions at Sea. The Racing Rules of Sailing will NOT apply.
5. Protests will not be heard. In the event that a boat fouls another boat she is required to sail a 360 degree circle as soon as possible, including both a tack and a gybe and without fouling any boat. Keep clear of other boats!!
6. There will be no Skippers’ Meeting before the race and no gathering ashore post-race.
7. The first start will be at 1000. The race is expected to complete by mid afternoon.
8. The start line and the finish line will be a straight line between the Schooner Reef Lateral Beacon (“Richard Nixon”) and the Port Hand Day Mark on the Breakwater at Fairwinds Marina.
9. Handicaps will be as submitted by the Skipper in the online registration form. If the boat does not have a current PHRF-BC Handicap Certificate a temporary handicap rating will be assigned by the Fleet Captain and will be valid for this race or series only. Temporary handicap ratings so assigned may not be protested.
10. The Fleet Captain will email the course and start time for each boat, along with amendments to the SCYC General Sailing Instructions (if needed) directly to all Skippers registered by the Registration Deadline.
11. There will be no Race Committee to start the race or to record finishes.
12. The race will be self-started by Skippers.
13. Start times will be calculated in advance from the handicaps so that the finishing order will provide the race results. The first boat crossing the finish line wins, next boat across is second, etc.
14. After finishing each Skipper is required to report the following information by email to the Fleet Captain at by 2359 Saturday June 6 2020:
o Name of Skipper
o Name of Boat
o Clock time (PDT) crossing the finish line (hours:minutes:seconds)
o Name of boat finishing ahead
o Name of boat finishing behind.
15. A notice indicating the boats finishing in first, second and third place will emailed to participating skippers and will be published in Scyline.
16. A perpetual trophy to be named “SCYC Covid Cup” will be awarded to the winning Skipper. If, after polling, the Skippers decide to extend this race to become a series the Covid Cup will be awarded to the Skipper winning the series.
17. Skippers wishing to participate must register online at As the Registration Form has not been modified please select “Bay Race 1” in the drop-down field titled “Race Series or Race Name”. If you have already registered for Bay Race 1 please register again for this race.
18. Registration cut off is 2359 Wednesday June 3.

Great to get back to racing! And yes, June 6 would have been the race date for the 2020 BMW Lasqueti Island Regatta.

For further information please email