Date: Sept 30, 2020
Location: Rocking Horse,
Time: 1130 to 1300hr

With fall upon us, it’s time for SCYC men to find a way to have lunch, a pint and swap our summer tall tales. At this time, we cannot be as casual as we “normally” are! This will be our first social event since March. Safety is paramount. Please understand and conform to the following protocols to protect ourselves and each other. Vice Commodore Scott Brown will coordinate the event.

The SCYC Covid-19 Response Plan requires that we follow all relevant guidance with respect to Covid-19. Guidelines published by BC CDC define protocols for safety in restaurants, meetings, events and other gatherings. They also describe the nature of household bubbles and social groups, indicating the importance for each of us to maintain a very small social group.

The Men’s Lunch will be held at the Rocking Horse, which strictly follows Covid-19 guidelines published for restaurants and bars, is subjected to regular inspections and has successfully hosted events since June.  The Rocking Horse has reserved the dining room exclusively for our event so we can hold our lunch separated from other pub patrons.

For the lunch we expect you to follow the BC CDC guidance and sit at a table with men whom you presently identify as your social group. Your social group is the small group of people or individuals outside of your household that you regularly or occasionally spend time with in person. BC protocols and guidance indicate your social group should not exceed six people. Even if you are only interacting with one person at a time, each of these people comprises a member of your social group. You can meet with this person or group inside or outside. This group should be the only group you spend time with in person. Please note that the BC CDC guidelines indicate that people not from the same social group who sit at your table must remain isolated by 2.0 metres.

We also need to maintain a record of those attending for two weeks following the event for contact tracing if needed.

The dining room has been configured with tables of 2, 4 or 6 persons. Each table is 2m apart. Members will be required to remain at their assigned table throughout the event and may not migrate from table to table. Masks should be worn when entering the building and may be removed once you are seated at your table. Bathroom visits are permitted, of course (don’t forget the mask!)
Therefore, please prearrange with the individuals from your own social group that you’ll sit with for lunch. One member of each table group is requested to provide the following information to Scott by September 25, 2020

  1. The table size your group requires (2, 4 or 6) so Scott can pass this on to the Rocking Horse for their set up.
  2. The names of each individual SCYC Member to be seated at your table (Non-SCYC Members are not permitted to participate in this event)

Please contact Scott at 403-826-2188 if you have questions.

Come on out and enjoy the good food and a beer at the Rocking Horse. It will be different, but it will be fun!