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Safety at Sea

BC Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course (Safety at Sea – Sea Survival) prepares sailors for distance and offshore sailing. The course is Sail Canada – ISAF approved and is required for Southern Straits Race, Van Isle 36 International Yacht Race, Vic-Maui International Yacht Race and recommended for Swiftsure International Yacht Race.

The offers classroom and practical sessions. Topics covered include safety equipment, storm sails, weather forecasts, heavy weather, man overboard, emergency signals and communications. Practical sessions include inflating and using lifejackets, life rafts and other safety equipment in a pool environment.
SCYC may be  offering the one-day course in the Spring of 2022 Participants successfully completing the course will receive a certificate which is valid for five years.

Racing Clinic

SCYC and NYC are joining together to present a two- day racing clinic with classroom and on-water components, scheduled for Spring 2022. Stuart Dahlgren of North Sails will be the instructor and brings a wealth of sailing and racing experience to share with participants.

This course is designed for experienced and novice racers and will also appeal to cruisers who want to venture into racing.

Contact for further information – email Fleet_Captain@scyc.ca

On-Board Racing Coaching

The on-board coaching program is a new initiative designed to bring together skippers and crew with very experienced coaches. This is a great opportunity to build skills and confidence and is designed for both experienced and novice racers.
The program will be offered on a weekend yet to be determined in 2021, and will link one skilled coach to the skipper and their sailing crew. Four boats participate in the coaching program on that weekend. The program may be run again for additional boats interested to participate.
The focus of the program is to provide skilled race coaching for new or experienced racing skippers and crew. The skills of the skippers and crew could range from novice to advanced and their experience may range from day sailing to offshore racing. We encourage new racers or cruising boats that may be interested in joining the SYC racing program to participate in the coaching program.

Coaching Format

  • Discussion on board at moorage for about one hour
  • Coaching on-board for a two-hour on-the-water session to build and demonstrate racing-related skills
  • Coaching on-board for special races

Topics will include

  • Boat preparation and management for racing
  • Crew planning
  • Boat handling
  • Reading wind and currents
  • Sail trimming for speed
  • Driving fast
  • Racing decisions
  • Skills to aid successful racing

On the first day each coach would spend a one-hour non-sailing session on each boat, followed by two hours on-water coaching on each boat. The coaches will have the opportunity to assess the knowledge level of skipper and crew and to look over the boat and its equipment, providing coaching as they consider appropriate.

On the second day we would stage four short races for all four boats, with the coaches sailing on two of the boats for two races in the morning and the other two boats for two races in the afternoon. We will encourage other SCYC boats to come out for the races too.

Contact for further information – email Fleet_Captain@scyc.ca


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