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Schooner Cove Yacht Club was founded in 1975 by a small group of sailing enthusiasts whose boats were moored at what then was called Schooner Cove Marina. Since then the club has expanded to include sailors and powerboaters from a wider geographic area and through volunteer leadership organizes a wide range of programs for its members, including racing, cruising and social events. The marina is now called Fairwinds Marina.



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In 1975, a small group of sailing enthusiasts whose boats were moored at Schooner Cove formed a loose association to race informally and to cruise together. They called themselves the Schooner Cove United Mariners, which easily contracted to SCUM, an acronym in which its members took a sort of perverse satisfaction. The founding members of SCUhkjbM were a mixed lot, some living locally or in Port Alberni. Many of the initial members are still in the Club today.

Inevitably the membership grew, and in time it became necessary to get more organized, admit “stinkpotters” or powerboats, to arrange reciprocal moorages, hold formal meetings, and set up committees. This could hardly be done with a name like SCUM, and against the sentiment of the original “scummers” the Schooner Cove Yacht Club came into being.

Thanks to the dedication of the founding members and many of their successors, we have come a long way since then, but it is well that we should remember our beginnings and the people who made it all possible.

Executive Contacts


Jim Dutton



Vice - Commodore

Position Vacant



Past Commodore

Peter Milne



Rear Commodore

Doug Herchmer




Herb Wong



Linda Watson



Fleet Captain

Position Vacant



Staff Captain

Helen Chapman



Commmunications Director

Guy Gauvin



Social Director

Grace Norman



Director at Large

Mark Doucette



Special Appointments

To contact any of the executives, go to “Executive Contacts” section above and click on their email link.

By-Law Committee: Jim Dutton, Gary Davis, Ron Davis, Pam May-Straka, Brian Steane
Environmental Committee: Bruce Perry & Volunteers
Reciprocal Committee: Scot Bradt
Yearbook Committee: Janette Brown and Kathy Swangard (editor), Clauda Hand (advertising)


Council of BC Yacht Club Delegates: Doug Herchmer, Michael Swangard
Membership Chairperson: Jim Dutton
Sunshine: Sandra Dutton

Web Administrator: Guy Gauvin
Club Photographers: Ad Hoc, Volunteers
Historian: Guy Gauvin / Kathy Swangard
Ladies’ & Gents’ Luncheons: Linda Hamilton for the YachtZees, Mark Doucette for the Gents
Afterdeck: Doug Herchmer & Volunteers

Fairwinds Liason: Bob Delaney, Peter Milne



2020-21 Scott Brown

2019-20 Bob Delaney

2018-19 Ryan Laudien

2017-18 Simon Huddy

2016-17 Peter Howells

2015-16 John Curran, QC

2014-15 Pam May-Straka

2013-14 Karen Herage

2012-13 Joe Straka

2010-11 Ron Davis

2009-10 Dianne Hill

2008-09 Brian Steane

2007-08 Bonnie Curl

2006-07 Sylvia St. Denis

2005-06 Ken Woodward

2004-05 Rick Picard

2003-04 Tom Duncan

2002-03 Jim Castle

2001-02 Paul Norris

2000-01 Paul Norris

1999-00 Heinz Timmann

1998-99 Ed Estlin

1997-98 Bob Sanders

1996-97 Bob Sanders

1995-96 Laurie Christensen

1994-95 George Hickson

1993-94 Marian Heiman

1992-93 Bruce Berry

1991-92 Lou Boulanger

1990-91 Herb Welch

1989-90 Maggi Slassor

1988-89 Joe Dennison

1987-88 Joe Skipsey

1986-87 Hereward Allix

1985-86 Ewan Cameron

1984-85 Tom Haynes

1983-84 Ana Brune

1982-83 Fred Kearney

1981-82 Len Mustard

1980-81 Pat LaGrandeur

1979-80 Bill Wacey

1978-79 Bill Wacey

1977-78 Maarten Prinsze

1976-77 Mike Trumper

1975-76 Brian Anthony




Come On Board

Visitor Info


Fairwinds Marina Office

3521 Dolphin Dr, Nanoose Bay, B.C. V9P 9J7
Local 250-468-5364
Toll free 1-800-663-7060

Radio Contact 66A


• Restaurant

• Power

• Fuel dock (gas and diesel)

• Boat launch ramp

• Washrooms & Showers

• Coin laundry facilities

 SCYC Covid Response Plan


Nanoose Bay Cafe at Fairwinds Marina 


                  Restaurant & Bar

         Reservations 250-468-0780 

Closed:  Monday  

Open:  Tues – Sun,  11:30 PM to 8:00 PM

            Breakfast Cafe & Market

 Open:  7 days a week  8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Hiking Trails in the Fairwinds area of Nanoose Peninsula
Click to View a local area map of the many hiking trails in this area. Enjoy the unique Garry Oak Meadow and walk along Dolphin and Enos Lakes.

Distance to Fairwinds Golf Club: 1.6 Km

Distance to Red Gap shopping area: 7 Km




Red Gap Shopping

•  Quality Foods                     250-468-7131

•  Nanoose Pharmacy           250-468-9921

•  Cascadia Liquor  Store      250-821-1991


A listing of our yearbook advertisers are provided below. We encourage all SCYC members to support the businesses that support our club.

  • Arrowsmith Brewing
  • BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Calibre/TIARA Yachts
  • Cascadia Liquor
  • Coastal Colour Printing
  • Collins Custom Contracting
  • Collins Custom Contracting
  • Davis Avis Randall
  • Dolphin Insurance Services
  • Fairwinds
  • Five Star Embroidery
  • Genesis Fire
  • Genoa Bay Marina
  • Gorge Harbour Marina
  • Harbour Chandler
  • Ideal Teak
  • Independent Marine Store
  • Industrial Plastics and Paint
  • Karen Kenyon Dreamhomes
  • McGorman MacLean
  • Nanoose Power and Sail Squadron
  • Newcastle Marina
  • OneOcean Wealth
  • Rocking Horse Pub
  • The FOAM Guy
  • Team Susan Forrest
  • The FOAM Guy
  • UK Sailmakers
  • Vectis Ventures
  • Waypoint Insurance

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