Commodore’s Comments 2022

Welcome to Schooner Cove Yacht Club’s 2022 year of activities and events.  As I write this message, we are deep in snow and shrouded in a never-ending cold snap while grappling with a dramatic resurgence of COVID-19.  Nevertheless, I remain hopeful the weather will improve, and COVID-19 risks will dissipate as spring approaches allowing the club to mount a full program of activities.

Since 2020, the club has managed to hold several activities in imaginative ways, while respecting BC’s COVID-19 regulations. Over the last two years, the Executive performed an amazing job despite the challenges they faced.

Your club enjoys another strong Executive for 2022. With their varied backgrounds and experience, I am confident that they, with the support of our many volunteers, will steer us around whatever challenges come our way and organize the best, feasible program for our members to enjoy.

In addition, the Executive will continue the successful Membership Drive launched in 2021.  Restoring its membership count to a more stable level remains a top priority of the club.  In 2021 the club gained 35 new, keen members and I look forward to meeting them all through club activities.  Most of our new members own powerboats, which is an interesting change from the past when sail boaters dominated.

Boaters are very fortunate.  Regardless of whether you have a powerboat or a sailboat, boating is one of the safest activities you can pursue in the face of the pandemic.   Recognizing this, the funding for our six cruising stations has been maintained with an allowance for the anticipated increase in moorage costs.

After an absence of more than ten years, the Fairwinds Marina now boasts a new restaurant, the Seascape.  The restaurant will serve as an excellent rallying point for our members and visitors to the marina.  Many of our members have already enjoyed the restaurant giving it good reviews.  SCYC is looking forward to working with the restaurant as it plans many of its social events and regattas.

Given the enthusiasm of our membership, old and new, the new restaurant and the strength of our Executive, I am confident that 2022 will be a good year.

Peter Milne




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