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SCYC Club Racing

Sunday Racing


Sunday Club Races take place from September through April, with boats competing in Racing and Cruising Divisions. Our inclusive racing program welcomes all ages and stages of sailors, from experienced racers to “never ever” novices. Enjoy the camaraderie, fun and exhilaration of yacht racing. Skippers meetings are held at 10 am if a single race is scheduled, or 9 am if two races are planned for that day.

Three Series are run each year: The Ken Woodward Hot Rum Series (Jan-Mar); Spring Series (Mar-Apr); and Fall Colours Series (Sept-Dec). Boats compete according to their PHRF handicap and scoring is calculated using time on time format. If you’re new to racing and don’t have a PHRF handicap we can assign an appropriate rating to your boat. Come and join in the action and find out why our dedicated racers are on the water year round. A small fee is levied for non-SCYC boats. Use the link below to register for each series.

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Bay Race

Two Bay Races are held each year and are a great way for experienced and novice racers to enjoy a day on the water. The course generally takes us from Schooner Cove into Northwest Bay and back. The format is reverse handicap with each boat starting at an assigned time, so there is no crowded start line to worry about. The faster boats start last and have to catch up to the others; the goal is for all boats to reach the finish line at the same time. Whether you want to fly a spinnaker or enjoy a leisurely sail you’ll find this a fun event for everyone. Join in the post-race social activities and the renowned SCYC camaraderie. Please use the link to register for the race.


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Wednesday Night Fun Racing

This program is ideal for sailors who like to race, want to learn how to race, or simply want to enjoy an early evening sail along with other boats. There is no crowded start line, each boat is given its own start time based on vessel design and skill level of the crew. Skippers meeting starts at 6 pm and we sail for one or two hours. You’ll meet some great people, have fun on the water and enjoy spectacular sunsets. This program is free and is open to all skippers. To register, please use the link below.

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