The Afterdeck has now been cleaned up. Please see below to inform yourself before going to the Afterdeck.There is a log inside to record instances of SCYC Members entering the Afterdeck. At this time inside the Afterdeck may only be used by ONE person at a time. This might be for the purpose of picking up something, buying from the fridge (if stocked), heating up something in the microwave, or making tea/coffee etc. The outside deck may be occupied by SIX people. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Each person entering the Afterdeck is required to complete the “Afterdeck Log” to provide traceability in the event of infection.
  • Members entering the Afterdeck are required to immediately wash their hands with the sanitizer provided and to wipe down all surfaces they have touched on leaving with the surface cleaner and paper towels provided.
  • The deck is limited to six people at one time. There have been two tables and six chairs provided on the deck so members may enjoy a beverage or lunch outside. The six chairs can stay outside. Please clean up when leaving and take all garbage with you.
  • Only members may enter inside the Afterdeck.