“Caper”; an activity or escapade, typically one that is ridiculous —

as in; “I’m too old for this kind of caper”.   

Well given the outstanding turnout from our membership on December 12, 2020 , it appears that  “not being too old” and “embracing a touch of ridiculous” is well placed within our club. It would have been easy to have postponed the 2020 Commodore Ball, but no, our membership pulled together in the spirit of what defines our club, adapting so we could celebrate our annual year-end event, including transition to the new executive and presentation of SCYC’s cherished awards.  I’d like to extend congratulations to Ryan on receiving the Si Wood and John’s efforts on his MEMA – clearly you both worked hard to get recognized.  

Lights, camera, action has now taken on a new meaning within the club. And like any great production, it took a great team of script writers, camera & editing expert, communication director, greeters, MC’s, MEMA and Si Wood presenters and finally the award nominees (the stunt men), to pull off the day.                                                                                                                        

Although there were many dedicated volunteers planning the caper, I’d like to draw attention to; Brian and Chriss Steane, Jo and Don Graham, and Joanne Caple.  These folks contributed to planning the event, organizing Goodie Bags, decorating the Beachcomber venue and video producing the presentations.  This group was so organized that they even managed to order up a glorious day of sunshine and calm winds.  What an imaginative and creative team! 

Under these excellent conditions outgoing Commodore Bob Delaney and his wife Joanne, along with Janette and I had the opportunity to greet members as they drove through Beachcomber Marina in their heated sleighs.  In the true spirit of the season, sleighs arrived sporting; coloured lights, Christmas mascots, colorful hood ornaments and even a Covid safe distancing arm extension (complete with rubber glove).   The fun continued with the boat light-up at the Schooner Cove Marina and the evening viewing entertainment. 

The end result….  a superb day, hosted at three venues – Beachcomber, Fairwinds and at the comfort of our homes. 

I look forward to the coming year in my new role as Commodore for SCYC, and given this great start, who knows what kind of capers we’ll all be able to get up to. On behalf of the SCYC executive, I wish all SCYC members and your families, a safe and happy time over the holiday season.