Forget everything you knew about the THE OLD

Cruising Stations Program. Things have taken a 180-degree about-face.


Cruising Stations Program – 2023

New Rules and Reimbursement Procedures

One of the key benefits as a member of the Schooner Cove Yacht Club is access to limited free moorage at a number of key marinas along the British Columbia Coast.


The club will pay 100 % of moorage fees incurred by members during the 2023 Cruising Season, subject to the conditions outlined below.

There will no longer be specific Cruising Stations or signed agreements in place with individual marinas.

Instead, the following locations have been designated as ‘go-to’ marinas in British Columbia.

These marinas are designated as preferred moorage facilities for SCYC members in 2023.

  1. Salt Spring Island Marina,     2. Otter Bay Marina,           3. Ladysmith Community Marina

  4. John Henry’s Marina,            5. Genoa Bay Marina,         6. Gorge Harbour Marina

  7. Telegraph Harbour Marina,   8. Port Browning Marina,     9. Mill Bay Marina

10. Port Sydney Marina,           11. Westview Marina,           12. Taku Marina

13. Refuge Cove Marina,          14. Blind Channel Marina,   15. Lagoon Cove Marina

Reimbursement Rules and Procedures

a. Regular SCYC members will receive 100 % reimbursement of overnight moorage expenses when moored at any of the fifteen (15) listed preferred moorage facilities, subject to maximum amounts as described below.

b. The program is meant to facilitate short-term visits while cruising and is not applicable to contracted long term moorage at any of the designated preferred moorage facilities.

c. SCYC members will be treated by the Marinas as regular customers and will not have any special privileges. Rates charged by Marinas are expected to be the regular transient moorage rate. Moorage space and slip assignment will be at the discretion of the Marina managers and dock staff.

d. Only Regular Members are eligible to participate in the Cruising Program.

e. Reimbursement will be for moorage fees (regardless of o/a boat length), power, water, garbage and taxes, as charged by the marinas and paid for by the member.

f. For the purpose of this Cruising Program, the Cruising Season runs from April 1 to September 30, 2023. Only moorage expenses incurred during the Cruising Season will be reimbursed.

g. Maximum reimbursement for the 2023 Cruising Season will be $ 300 for Regular Members.

h. If the total amount of all Reimbursement Requests submitted by one member exceeds the maximum amount, then only the maximum amount will be paid to the member.

i. Regular SCYC members will have the benefit of the Cruising Program for as many consecutive nights as desired, at any time during the 2023 Cruising Season.

j. In order to be considered for reimbursement, members may either complete the Reimbursement Form request on the SCYC website or submit relevant marina and payment receipts along with the Reimbursement Form to the Treasurer.

k. Only moorage receipts from the designated preferred moorage facilities together with credit card receipts or cash receipts, or copies thereof, will be considered for reimbursement. Members must request a proper invoice or slip from the marinas, showing moorage details (boat name, length, date,

moorage charges, power, etc.) Moorage receipts, credit card receipts or cash receipts by themselves are not acceptable for reimbursement.

l. Members may submit Moorage Reimbursement requests and receipts at any time during the Cruising Season, but all requests and receipts must be submitted NO LATER THAN September 30, 2023.

m. No payments to members will be made until after October 1 2023. At that time all claims for reimbursement will be tallied and the total approved amount claimed by members will be determined.

n. If the total amount claimed by members is greater than the approved budget, payments to members will be pro-rated accordingly.

o. Amounts to be reimbursed to members will either be by cheque made payable to them or via e-Transfer from the Treasurer.

There are two ways to make a claim for reimbursement





Send application form and receipts to:

Herb Wong

SCYC Treasurer

6345 Island Hwy

Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 2E5