Dear SCYC Members

You may know West Ballenas Island is up for sale. What you may not know is that the island is privately held and zoned for development into a number of individual parcels. Fortunately,  BC Parks Foundation has stepped up and taken the lead to secure an exclusive agreement to purchase West Ballenas, but only has until November 17 to secure the funds.
So time is of the essence!!  I personally have  donated along with some of my fellow SCYC Executive Members, and I would encourage you to do the same!

So why should you consider donating:
• Ballenas is in our backyard — a short hop from Fairwinds and Beachcomber marinas,
• It’s a place where so many of us have visited to enjoy; a sunset, a walk on the beach, a fun barbecue with         family and friends,
•  Ballenas has a natural bay which provides an excellent spot to anchor, or even easier, a place where you can go and grab a complementary SCYC mooring ball for your stay,
• Because SCYC members appreciate and recognize the importance of a marine park inthe Salish Sea,
• Best of all, It’s a beautiful natural uninhabited island.

So, I encourage you to launch the website below and contribute to preserving this property for generations to come.

Thanks for your consideration and your feedback is always welcome.

Scott Brown