‍Fall Bay Race – To Northwest Bay

Sunday, October 1, 2023

This will be a pursuit race from in front of Fairwinds Marina, up past Dorcas Rock, through Cottam Channel (between Cottam Point and Mistaken Island), down into NW Bay, around the Red buoy and then back again.  

The course length is 12 nm so each boat will be given a start time based on that distance and their PHRF.  The first boat back across the Start/Finish line will be the winner, with awards for first, second and third place finishers.

The race is typically run with two divisions, Racing and Cruising. Sufficient numbers in each group will be needed for that and the major difference is that racers use spinnakers and cruisers go white sail.

Given that the “handicap” start times are based on the total distance, there is no “shorten course” provision.  Boats are supposed to complete the course before 15h00.

In the event that winds are too light and no boats complete the course, the Racing Trophy and Cruising Trophy are awarded to the leading boat in each Division at 15h00.

We hope that by scheduling the Bay Race in early October that there will be enough wind but not too much wind, and that sufficient boats will be around and keen to go.

Boats that have participated in rallies and past races will be contacted by email, but all SCYC sailors are welcome to attend.

Eric Carl Young