Island Clean-Up,  Saturday, 27 May 2023

This is a fun event where we pick a date, Saturday the 27 May 2023, when the tide is favourable, head out to our beloved islands and clean them up. After a couple of hours of enjoying the spring wildflowers (which are spectacular) and after unloading our loot, a smoky BBQ is arranged.

We will need two larger boats to ferry people out to the islands and landing craft to carry people from the larger (feeder) boats onto the islands. If you can, please offer your boat.

Meet at the Afterdeck at 0900 on the 27th. Bring along sunscreen, a PFD, good non-slip shoes/boots, gloves and if possible a VHF hand held radio. Bright clothing or a hi-vis vest is recommended so we can keep an eye out for you. You will also want to bring your camera.

Garbage bags will be supplied. You MUST let Bruce Petry know that you will be available for this date. Please email Bruce at to register, include your name, the names of those who will be with you and everyone’s email address. Let us know if you need a veggie wiener while you’re at it!

Once again, our Sponsor has agreed to host this event. We are MOST appreciative of Alex Goldenberg of MINS Technologies Inc – Global SATCOM Services in Nanoose Bay. Alex has also offered his boat Cassini. This about the 9th year for Alex.

Bruce Petry.

I need to hear from you, so please email me at