Spring Cruise to Princess Louisa

SCYC’s first cruise of the year will be to Princess Louisa in May when the waterfalls will be at their best. Princess Louisa Inlet on the British Columbia Coast is 6 km in length and lies at the north east end of Jervis Inlet. The boat trip through the inlet offers spectacular views of the Pacific coast fjordland including James Bruce Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in North America, and Chatterbox Falls.

The cruise will be led by Doug and Judy Dickson on their power boat Sunny Sue leaving Schooner Cove Saturday, May 14 and returning May 22/23. Mark your calendars and watch for details. 

Cruise Meeting:  A cruise meeting is generally held approximately one month prior to the start of the cruise to provide details and get input from members.  Cruise confirmation will be determined and updates will be provided on the SCYC website.

 If you think you may be interested, please send a short email Doug and Judy at staff_captain@scyc.ca.


Preliminary Plans for Spring Cruise to Princess Louisa. There is still time to join the trip and help shape the plans. Currently we have 9 members who have expressed interest in the spring cruise to visit Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park.

We are putting in a place-holder for a Zoom meeting on Friday April 8 to plan firmer details regarding the back half of the trip (particularly anchoring vs docking options) but do envision good times throughout the trip, and the opportunity for a few fun mixers. Doug Dickson will be reaching out to those who have expressed trip interest to firm this up. Doug will inform participants of exact time of meeting and provide Zoom invitations.


Departing SCYC Saturday May 14 we will travel to John Henry’s Marina for our first night then proceed on Sunday May 15 to the Back Eddy Resort for 2 nights providing an opportunity to hike and see Scookumchuck Narrows/Sechelt Rapids. The pub will be open and at this point we have the dock to ourselves.

We will depart early Tuesday May 17 for a longer run to transit Malibu Rapids and go to Chatterbox Falls. Many will dock near the falls; some might elect to anchor out near Macdonald Island. We will bring in firewood for the pavilion/picnic shelter to help warm the evenings.

Wednesday will be spent at the falls or exploring nearby. We will depart early Thursday May 19 to work our way back out with several options to anchor or go back on a dock over the following weekend. Both the Back Eddy and John Henry’s expressed they would welcome us back on our trip out from Chatterbox Falls. Folks will depart for SCYC on Monday May 23. 

If interested in going on this cruise and you have not yet indicated by email, please email staff_captain@scyc.ca. Doug Dickson is checking the email for member interest and is charged with making this adventure happen. If you have questions you can also call/text Doug Dickson at 250-240-2858 or email dougdickson6297@gmail.com.