What does social distancing mean for us as boaters?

Our social events at SCYC are on hold for now and being the social creatures that we are keeping our distance from one another may prove to be challenging.

However the solitude of being in your boat and on the water is very appealing about now. We are so fortunate that we can still do this and maintain social distance.We may not be able to travel  but we still can get out on our boats and wave at each other and talk to each other on our radios!

The idea of having to cancel social events that bring us together to talk about our problems is disheartening. We are going through some very tough times as a club and coming together is what we need more than anything so as not to lose sight of the issues we are dealing with. If you have had a chance to read our Past Commdore’s report for the SGM you will understand what we are facing .

Please take a moment to think about what you can do to help then after that take your boat out and have a look around and don’t hesitate to wave!