In a typical year, SCYC would be starting its regular fall, winter and spring racing series.  However, this year is anything but typical.  Given the difficulties of assembling a “safe race crew” of 5-6, we don’t have enough boats to run a proper race series. And since it is unlikely many of our members are going on a cruise or holidaying in Mexico this winter, what can we do here in Nanoose on our boats?

Don’t take your head sails off yet!  In place of the racing series, the Club is organizing a series of day sails or “rallies” around our spectacular archipelago of islands outside the marina.  These will NOT be races.  The objective will be to sail a defined course in the prescribed time.  (I know, I know, anytime two sail boats are going in the same direction, it’s a race!  However, in this case you can explain that the reason you weren’t the first boat back is you were working on your sailing skills.)

The plan is to schedule a rally every two weeks beginning Sunday, November 1, subject to the weather.  No rally will be scheduled if it is pouring rain or blowing 20 kts.  This is about having fun. You don’t need special or extra crew.  The idea is you would sail your boat like you do when you are cruising, which means most boats will be double handing with their regular crew or possibly sailing with a crew of three.

A typical course will be 12-15 miles to be completed within 4 hours.  The start will be staggered to avoid congestion.  Each boat’s start time will be determined using the “Wally method”.

I have done an initial survey of some of our skippers and found that there is considerable interest in participating.  On a good day, I expect that we could have 15 or more boats out on the water. 

To participate is easy.  Simply send an email to me at indicating your interest in joining. You do not have to commit to doing every rally. On the Thursday before each rally you will receive an email from me indicating the course, the rally start time (likely either 1000 or 1100) and your boat’s start time.  Depending on the weather, the go/no go decision will be made early (i.e., before 0800) on the day of the rally.

In respect of Bonny Henry’s rules governing sailing, there will be no Skippers’ Meetings or socializing at the Afterdeck at end of the day, but there is no reason why skippers can’t serve up a hot toddy or a beer for the crew back on the dock.

The Fall Schedule will be:

Rally              #1         November 1

                       #2          November 15

                       #3           November 29

                       #4           December 13

If you think you might be interested, mark your calendars. Looking forward to seeing you out on the water!

Peter Milne

(250) 927-1162