To all members of the Council of BC Yacht Clubs

We have received a couple of items of interest to Council members.

The first is an urgent request from Canadian Coast Guard and  number of partners that we distribute as widely as possible the attached request to stay off the water over the May long weekend...

To open the Coast Guard request click here

The other is a request from the Aids to Navigation section of  CCG.  It reads :

I am writing on behalf of Aids to Navigation, Canadian Coast Guard, to request your input into the navigational review I’m currently working on for the area from Desolation Sound extending north to Port Neville and includes all the waterways east of Johnstone Strait.  I understand this is an area that is used extensively by recreational and sailing vessels as Desolation Sound is an important recreational destination and the Council of BC Yacht Clubs plays an important role in connecting the interests of this user group.

The Canadian Coast Guard conducts navigational reviews to determine if the aids to navigation effectively meet the needs of the mariners operating in the system.  Additionally, we also collect data on vessels operating in the area so we can better understand what types and how many vessels are using the waterways.  I have attached the letter of intent that provides additional explanation of the review process as well as the questionnaire, a map of the area and a chart that can be used to identify your area of operation and what issues you may have encountered with regard to navigation.

The local users are a key part of our review process as their local knowledge is most applicable to understanding the value of the aids to navigation and where the navigational system may be failing.  Not all the questions may apply to your operations.  However, the last few questions pertain to additional suggestions you may have.  As an example, this could pertain to hazards created by traffic, weather, visibility or currents in specific areas that create threats to navigation where additional aids to navigation may be helpful to mitigate these threats.  Please do not hesitate to provide whatever information you deem relevant.

The attachments can also be forwarded to individual sail or yacht clubs if you feel they may be able to provide more specific information.  Information provided by individuals and user groups directly is most helpful.

The additional attachments referred to are: (click on each to open it)
Letter of Intent Client Engagement
Area A3 04 Chart
Map A3 04

Consultation Questionnaire

Sheila Boutcher