There have been a few club updates since the May 10 Yacht Club Updates release. They are included highlighted in yellow in the attached . Regular updates can also be found at 

Updates Since May 10 Release

Of importance also is that on May 19, the governments of Canada and the U.S. agreed to extend the temporary closure of non-essential border crossings between the two countries (including  recreational boating) for an additional 30 days to June 30.  This includes the Canada/Alaska border, as well. For more information and updates on border crossings, see

Canada Border Crossing Restrictions

CBP: Temporary Travel Restrictions

If you are aware of other information or update sources regarding border crossing, please let us know, and we will share it with our participating clubs.

If your club is not included in this report, feel free to join us. In the meantime, please keep us updated on what your clubs are doing, and stay well.

Bob Watson