Kim Mauriks, Bio

  • I have been around commercial fish boats my whole life. My father and his brothers were commercial fishermen.
  • We have fished from San Diego to the Gulf of Alaska and all points in between.
  • My Dad and his brothers were the first to use Fiberglass for large commercial vessels and freeze at sea.
  • I took it one step further and shipped live and 1 day fresh. It was always about quality. 
  • I love being on the ocean and the connection you get from long periods at sea. Most people don’t get that opportunity.   
  • I have been an owner/operator of salmon, tuna, halibut, herring, prawn and crab vessels.
  • We have lived in the Schooner Cove area for 33 years
  • We have sold fish on the docks at Schooner and for four years did day charters in the  area. Mainly to Jedediah Island when it became a Marine Park.
  • In 2020 we sold the last fishboat the Triple M II. I had been in the same bunk for 55 years. 10 days later we purchased the Grey Pearl. A ’78 OA 50 Mk 1. Now we get to cruise the PNW and take our time to enjoy all the places we have learned over the years.
  • Looking for cruising partners now. Most retired fishermen want to get as far away from boats and the ocean as they can

Please join us for a very informative evening……

Mark Doucette,

Your SCYC Director At Large