Notice of Race

SCYC Sailing Fleet Fall Race, September 27, 2020

As several SCYC boats that normally sail in the Fleet Regatta are unable to participate due to constraints associated with Covid-19 the 2020 Fleet Regatta has been cancelled. The “SCYC Sailing Fleet Fall Race” is a replacement outing for all SCYC cruising and racing sailboats. The race will be staged on September 27, the scheduled date of the cancelled Fleet Regatta.

The race will follow the “Bang and Back” format. All boats will start together and will sail a course to be published by 0800 on the day of the race. The start line will be an imaginary straight line drawn between Schooner Reef Light and the Port Hand Day Mark at the end of the Breakwater at Fairwinds Marina. The start time will be 1100 GPS time. Boats may cross the start line up to five minutes early if they so choose, to avoid congestion. This is the Outbound Course.

Once all boats have started the start line now becomes the finish line.

When the first boat crosses the finish line, she shall announce on VHF Channel 69 that she has crossed the finish line. Then that boat and all other boats will immediately reverse their course and sail the same course in reverse, back to the Finish line. This is the Return Course. The order in which boats cross the finish line provides the finish results for the outing. Handicaps are not needed.

Boats may employ flying sails at their discretion. However, if a flying sail is used on the return course a flying sail must also have been used on the outbound course.

The race will be sailed according to the Transport Canada COLREGS – the Collision Regulations –,_c._1416/index.html. The Racing Rules of Sailing will NOT apply. In the event that a boat fouls another boat she is required to sail a 720 degree penalty turn (two full circles, each including a tack and a jibe). That penalty must be taken ON THE RETURN COURSE. Keep clear of other boats!

All boats will be required to monitor VHF Channels 69 and 16.

All SCYC sailboats are eligible for entry. Boats may be sailed in one of three configurations

  1. Division 1: Single handed
  2. Division 2: Double handed resident in the same household
  3. Division 3: By a crew of up to five (including the skipper) from the same social group or “bubble”. (Your social group or bubble is the small number of people you regularly meet or interact with in person)

Boats not owned by a Member of SCYC are not eligible for this event.

Three trophies will be awarded, one for each of these crew configurations.

All boats planning to sail must be registered online by 2359 on Wednesday September 23. Registration is available at Please use this link to register.

All boats will be required to adhere to Sections 4 and 5 of the SCYC Covid-19 Response Plan .

There will be no Skippers Meeting, no Race Committee Boat, no Protest Committee and (sadly) no celebration ashore following the event. Starting, conduct of the race, penalties and finishing will be on the honour system.

Sailing instructions will be emailed on Friday September 25 to all skippers registered by the registration deadline. The sailing instructions will include a reminder of safety rules, communication protocols, finishing details and other details required for participation.

The Course to be Sailed will be emailed to all registered skippers by 0800 Sunday September 27.

Skippers will be required to email the following information to the Fleet Captain at by 2359 on the day of the race:

  • Name of Skipper
  • Name of Boat
  • Time finishing
  • Boat finishing ahead (if known)
  • Boat finishing behind (if known)

Finish results will be emailed to all participating skippers on Monday September 28.

The course will be suitable for sailing in the expected prevailing sailing conditions by all boats registered whether racing boats, cruising boats or day-sailing boats.

For further information contact Fleet Captain Richard Hudson at